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A deadly accident at the Ohio State Fair has focused new attention on carnival ride safety, including the California Mid-State Fair underway in Paso Robles.

Los Angeles has pro football again, with the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers.

For the next few weeks though, Ventura County is home to one of the most legendary franchises in professional sports, the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys fans from around the country are coming to see their beloved team in droves, in what is almost a pilgrimage for the football fanatics.

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The federal government has reopened the public comment period on a controversial review of the status of some national marine sanctuaries, including one in our region.

The comment window for Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary had technically closed Wednesday, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration extended the deadline to mid-August.   Democratic Congressman Salud Carbajal was one of the leaders of an effort involving 20 legislators seeking an extension so more people can show their opposition to potential changes.

A woman struck and killed by a passenger train on the South Coast is now being identified.

Ester Lopez de Reyes died after she was hit by a northbound Amtrak train near the Goleta train station Wednesday afternoon. The train was already slowing as it approached the train station, but the crew was unable to stop in time after seeing the 65 year old woman on the tracks.

Investigators are trying to determine how she ended up in the path of the train.

Santa Barbara County’s Whittier brush fire put up some visible smoke Thursday, but the more than two and a half week old blaze still remains at 87% containment.

Some plumes of smoke were visible coming from the Dos Pueblos Canyon area.

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Investigators are trying to figure out why a car jumped onto Highway 101 in Ventura County going the wrong direction early Thursday morning, causing a head on crash which killed three people.


A 36-page draft report of interested cannabis growers has been released by Santa Barbara County. 

A public meeting held Wednesday went over many details. 

It’s a breezy, yet warm day on Santa Rosa Island. At the site of a historic ranch house, archeologists found artifacts which show that humans were here more than 10,000 years ago.

The finds support evidence that some of the oldest known human existence in North America was in the Channel Islands. University of Oregon archeologist Jon Erlandson has been studying the islands for four decades. He says the researchers have also discovered evidence of something else related to humans: global warming.

There’s a whole lot of “Garth” coming to the Central Coast this week.

County music superstar Garth Brooks is performing twice Thursday night at the California Mid-State Fair, in Paso Robles. After his scheduled 7:30 p.m. concert sold out in thirty seconds, a second concert, at 10:30 at night was added. It also sold out in thirty seconds.

The unusual late night concert is expected to mean a huge traffic and parking crunch at the fair.

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They’re cute and friendly looking, with furry faces which make them look like a cross between a cat and dog.

Still, the raccoons which rummage through trash cans and snack on pet food left outside may be exposing you to a little-known type of roundworm, which can cause serious health problems for people.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department needs more K-9 units and an effort is underway to add two new dog deputies to the team.

The name "Project Deputy Dog" has been given to the effort by the non-profit public Sheriff's Benevolent Posse.

This public benefit corporation, made up of non-law enforcement volunteers, buys gear and offers support that is not normally in the annual budget.

For more than a century, a South Coast museum has been the centerpiece of Ventura County's historic and cultural heritage.

The Museum of Ventura County has more than 180,000 items ranging from pieces from the county’s history, to works by artists.

However, the museum is facing a major financial crisis. It’s seeking government and community help to survive.

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Law enforcement agencies on the Central and South Coast could be again be eligible for millions of dollars in funding to help cover the costs of dealing with drug smuggling boats.

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Some Central Coast college students had the experience of a lifetime, taking part in an expedition which led to the discovery of a rare World War II era plane in the Mediterranean Ocean.

Sam Freed is a computer engineering student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo who was part of Cal Poly’s International Computer Engineering Experience Program. It’s an effort to give students some real life experiences to use what they’re learning in class. He calls it was an incredible experience.

It may be July, but pro football is in the spotlight on the South Coast Monday, with the Dallas Cowboys set to open their 2017 training camp in Oxnard.

Dallas Cowboys fans from around the country will be flocking to Oxnard, as the city hosts the team’s training camp July 24th through August 17th.

Containment Up To 87% On Whittier Brush Fire

Jul 23, 2017
(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Firefighters are continuing mopup operations on the 18,000 acre Whittier brush fire in Santa Barbara County, with no major new problems reported.

Containment is up to 87%, and there has been no significant growth in the fire for the last few days. The firefighting effort continues to be downsized, with nighttime firefighting operation ending over the weekend, and the number of personnel involved down to around 800.

Firefighters are hoping to get full containment of the fire in the next week.

Photo by UCSB College of Engineering

Robots have been around for a long time. But, now, scientists are finding some amazing ways that they can help us. Imagine a robot that can do things humans can’t. South Coast researchers are developing robots with x-ray vision.

A robot that’s only about two feet tall can do some big things.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Firefighters are continuing to close in on containment on the 18,000 plus acre Whittier brush fire in Santa Barbara County.

The blaze in the Santa Ynez mountains south of Lake Cachuma is now 83% contained, with crews still optimistic about full containment by the end of the month. The fire, which began July 8th, destroyed 16 homes, and 30 other structures. It closed most of Highway 154 for more than a week.

A South Coast city which has closed some popular trails because of the danger posed by dead, and dying trees has announced it will hold a community meeting to discuss the problem.

The City of Goleta closed a number of the trails in the Ellwood Mesa area. The drought and then insects taking advantage of weakened trees have severely impacted the Mesa’s eucalyptus tree population. City officials say several hundred dead, or dying trees will need to be removed to protect the public’s safety, as well as help the healthy trees.

Los Angeles may now be home to two pro football teams, but for the next month, Oxnard can claim the franchise simply known as “America’s Team.”

Dallas Cowboys fans from around the country will be flocking to Oxnard, as the city hosts the team’s training camp from July 24th to August 17th.

(Mesa Architects)

It’s a piece of ocean bluff with a multi-million dollar view of the Santa Barbara Channel in Santa Barbara. It’s also a weed-strewn chunk of land off of Santa Barbara’s Shoreline Drive that’s hemmed in by a chain link fence.

Dennis Thompson is a Santa Barbara Mesa resident, who’s an architect. He’s part of a non-profit group called Mesa Architects, which is made up of people who work in the field and want to improve the Mesa area.

Thompson says the group’s latest project is try to turn the scraggly fenced-in field next to La Mesa Park into a scenic ocean overlook.

A bicyclist is dead after he was hit by the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train in Goleta on Thursday.

The train conductor said he honked his horn several times prior to the afternoon collision.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Firefighters are continuing to make big progress in efforts to stop the Whittier brush fire, which has been burning since July 8th in Santa Barbara County.

Containment is up to 78% on the 18,000 acre blaze, which has shown very little growth since last weekend.

More than 1200 firefighters are still involved in working on the fire, but that’s down from around 2,000 at the fire’s peak. Some have been shifted to other fires in the state, while others have returned home.

Firefighters have said they hope to have total containment by the end of the month.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

A brush fire which burned nearly 29,000 acres of land in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties has been fully contained.

The Alamo Fire started July 6th northeast of Santa Maria, near Twitchell Reservoir. The fire closed Highway 166 between Santa Maria, and New Cuyama for days, destroying a home, and damaging a building in the process.

While the fire has been contained, some firefighters will remain in the area for the next few weeks patrolling for potential hot spots. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The 18,000 acre Whittier brush fire in Santa Barbara County destroyed 16 homes, and 30 other structures.

Still, it threatened many times more buildings than that before firefighters stopped the flames.

One of the buildings in the path of the flames was a former stagecoach stop turned tavern which is more than 130 years old. The popular lunch, dinner and cocktails spot came through the inferno intact, and it just reopened Wednesday.

Mosquitoes are an annoyance at best, and a danger at worst on the Central and South Coasts because of West Nile virus and Zika virus concerns.

Some U-C Santa Barbara researchers are part of an effort at six UC campuses to try to develop safer, and more effective ways that pesticides to control the insects.

Firefighters say they now hope to have total containment of the Whittier brush fire south of Lake Cachuma by the end of the month.

Containment is now up to 75% on the blaze, which has charred more than 18,000 acres of land. Ground crews are trying to build fire lines in areas they can reach, while an aerial armada of 16 helicopters is focused on remote spots.

(NOAA Photo)

The Santa Barbara and Ventura County coastlines are home to a one of a kind National Park.

Channel Islands National Park includes unique islands, some rare animal and plant life, as well as the special marine habitat. But, also off the coastline is a lesser known preserve. The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary is a 1400 square mile protected marine environment off the coast. It’s one of 14 federally designated marine protected areas.

But, it’s also on President Trump’s list of protected national monuments and sanctuaries he wants reviewed for their status, with an eye towards opening some for development of their natural resources.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Milder weather is helping fire crews to continue to move towards full containment of the Whittier brush fire in Santa Barbara County.

Containment is now up to 75% on the blaze, which has charred more than 18,000 acres of land. There’s been very little growth of the fire since Saturday.  The conditions have allowed firefighters to move in closer to areas of the fire which were once too dangerous to reach.

The fire started July 8th south of Lake Cachuma. 16 homes have been destroyed by the blaze. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

A plan to replace an outdated fire station in Ventura County is moving ahead, after County Supervisors approved buying land from a church to build a new facility.