State Kicks In $184 Million Dollars For Highway 101 Widening Project On South Coast

It’s a key highway for more than 60,000 vehicles every day. But, for commuters, Highway 101 from Carpinteria to Santa Barbara can also be a daily headache. From Carpinteria to Santa Barbara, Highway 101 shrinks from three to two lanes in each direction. Now, a major new state grant is going to fund contruction of new lanes to help ease the crunch.

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California Coast News

Unemployment on the Central and South Coasts, and statewide has fallen to some of the lowest levels in decades.

Pop superstar Katy Perry has a benefit show at the Santa Barbarba Bowl Saturday night to aise money to help those affected by the Montecito Mudflow.

Perry has also enlisted some help from local kids for part of her performance.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Firefighters have fully contained a brush fire on the Central Coast which caused some big concern when it was whipped out of control by wind.

The fire started in the Happy Canyon area of the Santa Ynez Valley at around one Thursday afternoon. Santa Barbara County firefighters initially thought they had the upper hand on it, but had to call in more resources when the wind spread the flames.

A new national newspaper poll once again puts a Central Coast community on a top-10 list of America’s favorite historic small towns.

USA Today readers returned Solvang to the list, ranking it 8th. It also made the list in 2016.

The Danish themed community attracts about 1.5 million visitors a year. One of its most popular events is Danish Days, which takes place every September. It was started in 1936 as a way commemorating Solvang’s heritage, and features things like an art show, folk dancing, parades, authentic food and entertainment.

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Progress Continues On Innovative Plan To Build 101 Overcrossing For Mountain Lions, Other Wildlife

Some new milestones have been reached in a cutting edge effort intended to help mountain lions and other wildlife safely cross Highway 101. It’s an ambitious plan to create a freeway overpass between some wildlife corridors separated by eight lanes of freeway between Calabasas, and Agoura Hills.

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KCLU Honored With Edward R. Murrow Awards

KCLU is once again the winner of Edward R. Murrow awards, with Reporter Debra Greene winning one and News Director Lance Orozco winning two 2018 Regional Murrow awards.

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At least six prominent defenders of women's rights in Saudi Arabia were detained this week, six weeks before the kingdom's ban on women from driving is due to be lifted June 24.

When targeting his message to white evangelical voters, President Trump has often focused on traditional priorities for social conservatives, such as abortion and religious freedom.

A Chinese archaeologist who identified a long-lost clay army consisting of 8,000 soldiers died Wednesday, according to China's state media.

Zhao Kangmin first laid eyes on fragments of terra cotta warriors in 1974. Farmers some 20 miles from China's central city of Xi'an were digging a well and struck into the pieces.