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There’s some new information about the extent of damage caused by Santa Barbara County’s destructive Holiday brush fire. County firefighters say they’ve completed a secondary assessment of the fire zone north of Goleta. The good news is the number of homes destroyed has actually been revised downwards, from 13 to ten, with three damaged.

Can you tell if someone is telling you a little fib, or a big lie? You might think you have the answer, but an expert on the subject says you probably are wrong. Norah Dunbar is a UC Santa Barbara communications professor who’s been studying deception detection for two decades. Dunbar is the author of a new study on the subject, which shows video games could be an important new training tool.

(Photo courtesy Ventura County Air Unit)

Five people were hurt in a head-on collision on the Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County which sent one of the vehicles careening into the ocean.

It happened just after 5:30 Thursday night, south of Mugu Rock. CHP officers say the two people in the car which went off the highway into the ocean were thrown from the vehicle. They swam to shore. 

(Ventura County Sheriff's Office photo)

Two people have been arrested after Ventura County Sheriff's deputies say the the duo was trying to smuggle drugs into a county jail facility.

Roger Valenzuela is being held at the County's Todd Road Jail on commercial burglary charges.  Deputies say they learned he was working with Wendy Rugelio to smuggle drugs into the jail.

They got a search warrant for the Los Angeles woman's home, and say they seized drugs and drug paraphernalia.  

A woman who was the driving force for the construction of Santa Barbara’s century-old main library is receiving statewide honors. 

Frances Burns Linn was the Santa Barbara Public Library’s Head Librarian 1906 to 1943. She realized the city needed a new library, and got a grant from the Carnegie Foundation to help make it possible.

He was the George Clooney, or Tom Cruise of his day. Iconic actor Tab Hunter died Sunday. KCLU’s Lance Orozco talked with the longtime Montecito several times over the years about his career, his life, and his decision to come out as gay, and has a remembrance of the actor.

The Holiday fire didn’t just displace thousands of people in Santa Barbara County.  Ot forced the evacuation of horses, pets, and hundreds of animals from the Santa Barbara County Wildlife Care Network’s North Fairview Avenue home.

The fire burned right up to the perimeter of the acreand a half facility, and singed some of the facilities, and contaminated ponds. 

The evacuated animals were moved to other rescue facilities in Santa Barbara County, and around the state. 

A destructive brush fire in Santa Barbara County is now fully contained.

Firefighters declared the Holiday Fire 100% contained Tuesday night. The fire destroyed 13 homes, and damaged three others. 15 barns and other outbuildings were also destroyed.

It’s fair time in Santa Barbara County.

The 2018 Santa Barbara County Fair kicks off its five day run in Santa Maria Wednesday. It will have everything from traditional events like livestock, crafts, and carnival rides to unusual things like a live shark show.

Two state legislators are holding a public hearing on the South Coast this week to look at wildfire prevention and recovery efforts.

Democratic State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara and Democratic State Assemblywoman Monique Limon of Santa Barbara are hosting Thursday’s hearing.

(Santa Barbara Fire Department photo)

High surf from a hurricane off the West Coast apparently created some dangerous quicksand at a South Coast beach which trapped a woman.

Santa Barbara firefighters were called to the West Beach area just before eight a.m. Tuesday by reports of a woman stuck in the sand at the mouth of a creek. The found a 73 year old woman who was waist deep in sand, and couldn’t get out.

Firefighters are close to full containment of a destructive brush fire on the South Coast which destroyed 13 homes.

The Holiday Fire north of Goleta is now at 95% containment, with full containment expected Tuesday night.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

You’ve heard the expression “Love Conquers All.”  There's a story from Santa Barbara County's destructive Holiday brush fire which puts that saying to the test, a story focused on a photograph which is getting worldwide attention.

(Photo from Ventura County Sheriff's Department)

Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives say they’ve broken up an organized retail theft ring which used teams of people to distract clothing store clerks while other members of the team would steal items.

Investigators say members of the ring stole more than three thousand dollars worth of items from a Victoria’s Secret Store in Thousand Oaks.

Firefighters are continuing to make progress towards fully containing a destructive brush fire which destroyed 13 homes, and damaged three others in Santa Barbara County. The 100 acre Holiday Fire is now 90% contained, with firefighters hoping to reach 100% Wednesday. Firefighters are still busy sifting through the debris of homes, as well as some brushy areas looking for hot spots.

KCLU's Lance Orozco looks at the first few hours of the fire, in which the wind overwhelmed firefighters, and area residents raced to grab what they could before fleeing from the flames.