Ventura County Looks To Lease Building In East County To Community Clinic

May 15, 2017

A huge vacant building owned by Ventura County could potentially be the future home of a community clinic.

The county owns a 14,000 square foot building on the 2000 block of Royal Avenue in Simi Valley. The county used the building for more than 40 years for a variety of county agencies ranging from healthcare to the agricultural commissioner’s office. But, last year, the county consolidated all of its operations in a building on Madera Road.

The Simi Valley Free Clinic has proposed renting the building, using half of it for its services, and the other half as space for non-profits serving the community. County officials propose that it retains the rights to use half of the building in the future if it needs it.

The Free Clinic would only pay a token dollar a year rent, but would be responsible for an estimated $1.5 million dollars in improvements.

County Supervisors are set to look at the proposal when they meet Tuesday.