Massive Tent Being Erected Next To Highway 101 On South Coast For Cirque Style Show

Oct 9, 2017

A massive, mysterious structure taking shape next to Highway 101 on the South Coast has been a virtual traffic stopper for the last few weeks.

The framework is being erected for a massive tent in Camarillo which will host a Cirque Du Soleil style show for two months.

A Canadian based company, Cavalia, is bringing its latest production called “Odysseo” to California. The show features acrobats, more than 60 horses, and some high tech special effects. It’s the first time the show has come to the South Coast. In the past, it’s staged shows during its Southern California visits in the Burbank area.

The tent, which can hold about 2,000 people, is on the east side of the city near Adolfo Road, near an industrial park. The performances will begin November 11th.