As Evacuations Lift, Displaced Montecito Residents Deal With New Challenge: Mail Issues

Jan 23, 2018

There's quite a bit of frustration from residents living in Montecito, who are evacuated and cannot get their mail.

It has been relocated over to the Nopalitos - Milpas Street post office, and there the distribution has taken quite some time. 

In some cases, citizens have said the redistribution has taken more than 5 hours. 

The postal manager says that some of their employees living in Ventura County had not been able to make it to work along with the thousands of other struck by the closure of the 101.

The mail has to be sorted by hand, with workers in some cases going through trays of mail to find just one address.

Officials say they're now going to be taking mail out to the distribution center in Goleta, and organizing it in what's called a "walk sequence" to make it delivery more efficient.