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A launch team is hoping Saturday will be the day that a rocket carrying a weather satellite will finally be able to take off from the Central Coast.

Technical glitches postponed the liftoff of a Delta II rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base twice in the last week, and high wind led the mission being scrubbed for a third time. Right now, it appears everything is a “go” for a launch at 1:47 a.m. Saturday.

(ULA photo)

The planned launch of a satellite from Santa Barbara County early Tuesday morning was scrubbed due to a technical issue.

A Delta II rocket was just minutes from launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base when the liftoff was placed on hold.  Because there was a short, 62 second launch window beginning at 1:47 a.m., and not enough time to resolve the issue, the flight was postponed. 

(ULA photo)

A postponed launch of a military satellite from the Central Coast has been rescheduled for Saturday night.