South and Central Coast researchers say they created a model that they hope develops the ocean in a sustainable way. 

Several industries utilize the ocean, such as fisheries, offshore wind farms and aquaculture, which is the farming of seafood.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo biology professor Crow White worked with UC Santa Barbara researchers to develop a model so that these different marine industries can most effectively and sustainably use the ocean.

A new survey of the top regions in America for sustainable growth efforts includes part of the South Coast.

The Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura area ranked 8th on the national list.

The list weighs a series of 17 sustainability goals, with the final ranking based on how communities deal with issues like hunger and pollution. It’s compiled by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which is a United Nations global initiative. It's part of an effort to develop, and promote standards for sustainable development.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that the fruits and vegetables you eat don’t start out at the supermarket. Instead, they begin with a seed. You could take an entire college course on how a seed turns into what ends up on your dinner plate. But, this course is being taught to an unusually young audience on the South Coast.

Preschoolers – ages three to five – are learning about gardening, sustainability, eating healthy and the environment.