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A Central Coast campground is reopening to the public after being closed for months due to damage from strong storms this winter.

The North Beach Campground at Pismo State Beach has been shut down since January 4th after it got flooded due to heavy rain.

“With all of the continued storm activity that we had throughout this winter and spring, it continued to stay closed. We had some pretty severe damage occurring and trees failing,” said Park and Recreation Specialist Dena Bellman.

The first in a trio of storm systems is moving onto the Central and South Coasts Monday.

We could see a half inch to an inch of rain for coastal and inland areas, and up to two inches of rainfall in the foothills and mountains.

You know it was raining hard Thursday, and Friday on the Central and South Coasts.

But, exactly how wet was it?

The two day rainfall totals ranged from just over an inch, to more than three inches in a number of parts of the region. In Ventura County, Ventura had 1.9” of rain, Oxnard had 2.6”, Ojai 2.6”, and Simi Valley 1.8”.

In Santa Barbara County, Santa Barbara had 3.5” of rain, Carpinteria 2.1”, Santa Ynez 1.75”, and Lompoc 2.3”

The first in a trio of storms appears to be on track to arrive on the Central and South Coasts Wednesday night.

We could see between three quarters of an inch, to an inch and a quarter of rain overnight, with possibly more than two inches in some foothill and mountain areas. The storm is now expected to move south of our area Thursday morning.

Get ready for more wet weather.

Two storm systems are headed towards the Central and South Coasts. The first one will arrive on the Central Coast overnight. It could mean more than an inch of rain in parts of San Luis Obispo County. Tomorrow, the rain will spread into Santa Barbara County, with some showers expected in Ventura County. We’ll see clearing by midday Thursday.

Forecasters say a second, more powerful storm will arrive on Saturday, with more than an inch of rain possible for the Central Coast, and between a half inch and inch for the South Coast.

The first in a pair of storms has arrived on the Central and South Coast, bringing with it the chance of a quarter to half inch of rain for most of the region, with as much as an inch of rainfall possible in mountain areas.

The rain is expected to taper off this afternoon. A second storm will hit the region on Saturday, again producing between a quarter and a half inch of rain. It’s a colder storm, so we could so some snowfall at higher elevations.

The second storm is expected to move out New Year’s Eve night, leaving us with mostly clear skies for New Year’s Day.

A popular South Coast pier heavily damaged by winter storms has been repaired, and will reopen this weekend.

The Ventura Pier is a California landmark, built in 1872 as a wharf for commercial use. But, this winter, it was battered by a pair of storms which heavily damaged it, and closed it to the public.

Ventura’s Fleet and Facilities Manager, Mary Joyce Ivers, says after four months of work, repairs are complete. Insurance is covering $1.2 of the $1.4 million dollar repair cost.

The Ventura Pier will reopen Saturday with a public ceremony beginning at 10 a.m

Grab your umbrellas, because it could be a very soggy weekend.

Two storm systems are on their way to the Central and South Coasts. National Weather Service forecasters say the first cold front will swing through the region Saturday night, and early Sunday.