santa paula murder

A Ventura County man received a 50 years to life sentence for a 2014 murder.

David Hernandez shot to death Hector Alamillo in a Santa Paula home. The two men knew each other. Hernandez fled the county, forcing two different people to drive him to Los Angeles County. He was arrested a week after the murder while he was hiding in a Ventura motel.

The now 43 year old man pled guilty to first degree murder, setting the stage for his sentence.

A Ventura County man is expected to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after pleading guilty to kidnapping one woman, and murdering a second.

Andres Rodriguez had been charged a series of crimes leading to the July, 2013 slaying of Angela Bryant of Santa Paula. The Oxnard man killed Bryant because he believed she had stolen some items from her.

An accomplice in the crimes, Melissa Salazar of Santa Paula, pled guilty to kidnapping and robbery charges, and is expected to get a 20 year prison sentence.