santa barbara botanic garden

Photo by William Hoyer

Beginning in the early 1900s, scientists surveyed all the plants they could find on one of the Channel Islands, San Nicolas Island. More than 100 years later, researchers discovered many plants that had never been seen on the island before. 

It’s a beautiful, undeveloped slice of land in the mountains above Carpinteria,  There are rare plants, and incredible views in what’s called Hay Hill, in the Toro Canyon area.

Now, through a unique deal, more than 80 acres of this property will be preserved forever.

For over 90 years, Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens have been conserving and displaying native plants.

But in 2009, the devastating Jesusita Fire burned east from the Santa Barbara hills, destroying part of the facility known as the Gane House, along with rare plants.

Now the facility is staging a comeback, with a new $14 million Seed the Future campaign.