san nicholas island

Photo by William Hoyer

Beginning in the early 1900s, scientists surveyed all the plants they could find on one of the Channel Islands, San Nicolas Island. More than 100 years later, researchers discovered many plants that had never been seen on the island before. 

(Cal State Los Angeles photo)

It’s a real-life story set in the scenic Channel Islands which has fascinated people for decades, and inspired a popular children’s book, “Island of the Blue Dolphins.” In 1835, a group of Native American people living on San Nicolas Island was brought to the mainland. But, one woman was left behind, spent close to a decade by herself on the remote island.

A researcher says previously overlooked documents and church registers are helping us learn more about the native people involved in this incredible story.

U.S. Navy

Living alone isn't always easy, but living alone for almost two decades?

On San Nicholas Island, the woman who inspired "Island of the Blue Dolphins" did just that.