hurricane harvey

(Photo by Santa Maria Valley Humane Society)

More than a hundred homeless dogs and cats who were victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston are now living on the South and Central Coasts.

A Santa Barbara County non-profit is helping to provide shelter for some of the hundreds of thousands of people impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The non-profit is called “ShelterBox USA,” and it provides tents, and other essential supplies like blankets and lamps so people who lose, or are displaced from their homes have a place to stay.

A Santa Barbara-based company is pledging a million dollars to help in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, as well as technical support for people who have been displaced.

Yardi has pledged a million dollars up-front to help nonprofits involved in rebuilding, and company officials say they will also match employees contributions to the effort.

Additionally, Yardi says it will use its “Rent Café” online property marketing and leasing technology to create a housing registry website.

A Santa Barbara County based relief agency is getting some badly needed medical supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Direct Relief International already had ten modules of emergency supplies pre-positioned at medical clinics in Texas before the hurricane hit, and is preparing to ship millions of dollars worth more if needed.