A zoo is bringing the world’s top animal researchers to the South Coast to educate the community in a very unusual way. Science is melded with comedy to create a unique program for the public.

This is IMPROVology at the Santa Barbara Zoo where more than 100 people have gathered to learn science through improv comedy.

Groups around the world are working to save gorillas from extinction. This week, some experts from around the globe are in Santa Barbara to talk about those efforts.

The Santa Barbara Zoo has two very fierce looking new residents who are part of an effort to save their species from extinction. The zoo received two endangered Western Lowland gorillas this week.

The gorillas, which are named Nzina and Bangori, are brothers, and come to Santa Barbara from the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. They’re among more than 350 gorillas now at North American zoos as part of a conservation effort to increase the population of the species.