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A documentary on California’s historic drought produced by a South Coast college professor and his students will be screened this week.

The film “Turf Wars: SoCal Water Conservation” takes a deep look into the state’s severe drought and its impacts.  It was created by a film professor and his two students at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. 

Karie Portillo Guerra, who was a student when she helped create the film, says it was eye-opening to see the devastation in Central Valley towns that had pumped their groundwater dry.

She was woman who was a pioneer in what was considered a man’s job. For more than half a century, Mabel Stark was a tiger trainer. This remarkable woman who was mauled multiple times during her career, but loved her big cats is the focus of a just released documentary by a Montecito filmmaker called “Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer.”

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A one of a kind high school academy on the South Coast is going to be featured Wednesday night on the acclaimed PBS television series “NOVA”.

The Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy in Goleta is part of a special on schools of the future. 

It's huge exposure for the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy, which included an invitation for the program's director, and one of its graduates to speak at the White House this week.

A new documentary looking at how man-made noise in the ocean is disrupting the habitat of whales, and other type of sea life is going to be screened on the South Coast this week.

“Sonic Sea” is a documentary produced by a coalition of environmental groups trying to raise awareness about how noise ranging from the use of sonar to oil and gas production is impacting marine life.

A documentary about the Channel Islands which attracted thousands of people to its premiere screenings in Ventura and Santa Barbara earlier this year is coming to your television set this month.

(Photograph courtesy Douglas Biklen)

There’s been a lot of attention during the last few years on the potential causes of autism, and how to help children cope with it.

But what about adults, who often got little or no treatment, and were sometimes even undiagnosed?

They are unique, one of a kind landmarks off our coastline which have been home to unique plants and animals, as well as some of California’s earliest residents.

But most of us don’t know a lot about the Channel Islands, and many people have never visited them.

Now, an ambitious documentary called “West of the West - Tales From California’s Channel Islands” is trying to tell the islands story.