After spotting a stolen car Wednesday afternoon in Santa Barbara, police attempted to pull it over.

Instead, the driver took off.

A theater company and a ballet company in Santa Barbara have teamed up in a unique collaboration to present a production which blends theater and dance. 

“Syncopation” is the story of a lonely meatpacker in Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the early 1900’s, who dreams of being a ballroom dancer. A newspaper ad gets him a dance partner, and much more.

The crack of a baseball bat will be heard from the semi-pro baseball team the Santa Barbara Foresters tonight, in a new location at Pershing Park on Castillo street.

The move is a major one for a team that formerly used the field at the University of California, Santa Barbara's field.

A South Coast library is celebrating its 100th anniversary in a unique way.

Some Santa Barbara Library boosters thought what better way to celebrate than with the library’s own book.

The late winter and early spring months have been hard on South Coast shorebirds.

Their diet of certain fish was unfortunately tainted with domoic acid, and that's lead to serious and sometimes fatal illnesses.

The City of Santa Barbara has agreed to a goal of using 100% renewable energy by 2030.

City leaders and environmentalists have taken the action as President Trump has backed the country out of the Paris Climate Accords.

The 805 area code, around since 1957, is going to be getting some company.

The public utilities commission says the available numbers are running out.

Some prehistoric artifacts found on one of the Channel Islands provide new evidence the islands may have been home to some of North America’s first residents.

The archaeological site was discovered on Santa Rosa Island last week.

Legislation intended to deal with some abandoned oil wells along the state’s coastline, including some off the South Coast passed a key milestone this week.

The State Senate passed SB 44, which would require the State Lands Commission to step in to deal with hundreds of orphaned oil wells. Democratic State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara authored the bill.

An investigation is underway into the cause and response to a store fire in Santa Barbara.

The fire took place in a 99 Cents Only Store Tuesday morning.

Investigators say the fire was electrical, connected to a produce refrigerator.

One of the most interesting shows to hit screens on the Central and South Coasts this summer isn’t featuring a major Hollywood star, or a superhero.

You might call it the ultimate reality show, because it’s a live webcam showing nature in action. For the third year in a row, a coalition of groups involved in condor research has a “condor-cam” on line. You can watch the adventures of two adult condors, and their chick in a nest in a remote area of the Los Padres National Forest, a spot called Devil’s Gate in the mountains north of Fillmore.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of the biggest movie blockbusters of all time, and the 105th anniversary of the real life tragedy which inspired it.

Now, both the movie “Titanic,” and the history behind it are being commemorated in a new exhibition in Ventura County. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley is hosting “Titanic At The Reagan Library,” a 10,000 square foot special exhibition opening this holiday weekend.

We are bombarded with information, and data, but what does it mean?

One South Coast college will help students answer that question, by offering a new degree in data analytics.

Westmont College has created an interdisciplinary major which includes math, computer science, and business.

Westmont officials say the new major will help fill a growing demand for analysts who can help translate, and communicate the key points of data.

A teen was knocked out in a fight off-campus near San Marcos High School midday Wednesday.

The fight happened in the courtyard of a close by apartment complex.

As we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day, Lance Orozco talks with a South Coast veteran who talks about serving in World War II.

Lance Orozco reports on Ventura County's disaster preparedness efforts for people's pets as we move into high brush fire season.

Lance Orozco reports on the first ever visit to Santa Barbara of a replica of a 1500's era Spanish galleon, which was credited with discovering parts of California.

Santa Barbara County is going to be home base for what researchers hope will be a groundbreaking new study on the causes behind the higher-than-average rate of diabetes among Latinos.

Diabetes is an epidemic in America. The percentages are even higher in the Latino population. In Santa Barbara County, diabetes cases increased 41% in the Latino population in the last decade.

Now, the Sansum Center is spearheading a decade-long study which researchers hope will answer some key questions about the high numbers.

More than a thousand people packed Santa Barbara's Granada Theater Tuesday, for a memorial to remember Michael Towbes.

The philanthropist and businessman passed away in April at the age of 87.

Towbes was the president of Montecito Bank and Trust, a developer, and a major supporter of nonprofits and the arts.

A Santa Barbara congressman has co-authored a gun control proposal on the third anniversary of the Isla Vista rampage which left seven people dead, and 14 injured.

A Santa Barbara based congressman is getting into the fray over what impact Russia may have had in recent U.S. elections, by introducing new legislation calling for an investigation by the State Department.

Democratic Congressman Salud Carbajal’s bill is called the “Risk Act.”

Disasters can hit year round on the Central and South Coasts.

We are in earthquake country, this year’s heavy rainfall created some mudslide concerns, and now, especially this time of year, we face the threat of major brush fires. Emergency services officials work year round in coming up for plans on where should go if you need to evacuate, but Ventura County is ready to roll with its new “animal shelters in a trailer" which can provide shelter for pets.

Wildland fires have been able to flare up any month of the year depending on conditions, but this week marks the shift into "high" fire season in Santa Barbara County.

That shift marks a universal timeline for fire agencies to increase resources available for dispatch at the first sign of smoke and flames.

It looks like a typical weekday morning at Santa Barbara Harbor.

There are tourists wandering along the breakwater, fisherman preparing to go to sea, and people getting ready to take their sailboats out to sea. But, here’s something attracting a crowd at a dock. It looks like a slice out of a history book: a nearly 100 foot long, 150 ton full scale replica of a Spanish galleon which is visting Santa Barbara County for the very first time.

Today is the anniversary of the Refugio Oil Spill from the Plains All-American Pipeline west of Goleta.

The broken line leaked 142,000 gallons onshore and into the near-shore waters, with some of the oil traveling as far 100 miles.

Over 100 people turned out for the Mayor of Santa Barbara's roundtable Wednesday morning.

At issue were concerns about downtown Santa Barbara's homeless population and the number of vacant retail properties, roughly 40 spots.

Police in a South Coast city are investigating a pair of murders they say may be related.

Oxnard Police detectives say a man was shot on the 300 block of North G Street just after nine Tuesday night. The 29 year old Oxnard man was pronounced dead a short time later at a hospital.

Then, early Wednesday morning the body of another shooting victim was found on the 5400 block of Perkins Road.

Parts of the South Coast were rocked by a series of small earthquakes Tuesday night.

A bill by a State Senator who represents part of Ventura County which is intended to help keep edible cannabis from children has passed a key hurdle.

The State Senate approved SB 794, which would require single serving of edible cannabis to be sold in child-proof packaging. It would also mandate that the packages be marked with a yet-to-be designed symbol to indicate they contain marijuana products.

A vote to approve "California Trusts Women" as a license plate design is underway.

Three designs are in the running in an effort to have a pro-choice license plate available for the state.