Without specifically mentioning recreational vehicles as a target, Santa Barbara City Council members supported new rules restricting parking for most oversized vehicles.

The term "oversized" applies to vehicles measuring more than 25 feet long, 80 inches wide or 82 inches high.

A three-story house has been reduced to scorched rubble after a major fire in Summerland.

The fire broke out around 7 in the evening Tuesday.

It could be seen for miles, as winds in excess of 40 miles per hour whipped up the flames.

A moving replica of the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C. has  arrived at Chase Palm Park in Santa Barbara.

The wall is a scaled-down version of the memorial in the nation's capital.

On the structure are the over 58,000 names of men and women who died in the conflict.

There’s a warning today for dog owners about possible exposure to their pet of a potentially dangerous canine virus at a popular South Coast beach.

Santa Barbara Animal Control officers say a dog taken to Mesa Lane Beach over the weekend tested positive for parvovirus.

Sometimes an afterthought for coastal or valley tourists, Santa Maria is rebranding its image.

The city is spending more than half a million dollars on a new campaign targeted at Los Angeles area travelers.

Residents in western Goleta noticed something odd this weekened: an unusual, unpleasant odor.

It's unclear if the odor is an active natural seep of hydrogen sulfide or an industrial problem.

The Santa Barbara Police Department has, for more than a year, been short on front-line officers.

Retirements, transfers and injuries have put the department in a position to aggressively hold testing dates and get officers through training.

A recent health agency check landed Santa Barbara a surprise: a D grade for its smoking laws.

The city, known for its clean environment, is now looking to toughen its ban on smoking rules.

The College Promise Program, which pays tuition and books fees for some students for two years, will continue at Santa Barbara City College this semester.

To qualify for the program, the students must  be local highschool graduates who finished school within a year,  and they must attend college full-time.

Officials say a woman traveling in France from Montecito received a call about a demand for ransom Saturday.

The call said her husband and two children were being held hostage.