While covering a rain-related story on Monday, KCOY and KEYT reporter Amanda Valdes was attacked and bitten by a large dog.

The wound on her leg was given medical care at a local hospital.

The dog that attacked her was in the back of a vehicle because of flooding in the owner's backyard.

A desalination plant in Santa Barbara originally estimated to cost $55 million dollars is facing new financial issues.

The city will hear a report Tuesday from water officials, who say approximately $10 million more will be needed.

The total project cost could near $70 million.

An hour-long chase on and off freeways on the South Coast ended in the arrest of three adults.

It took place about 11 pm Thursday night, when Santa Barbara county sheriff's deputies tried to stop the driver of a car that had been reported stolen in the Goleta Valley.

The chase escalated, and eventually involved multiple law-enforcement officers, a helicopter and a canine unit.

Wasting no time getting into his new job, Das Williams took his oath of office Monday in Montecito.

Williams is now the new first district County Supervisor for Santa Barbara County.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department has a shortage of 18 deputies from its patrol ranks, with 14 others out on injuries.

To keep their frontline response up to the required levels, detectives are being rescheduled into patrol units.

What started as a wrong number to a Santa Barbara Visitor's Information line lead to a holiday tradition, but it's coming to an end.

Nine years ago, John Dixon of Goleta found that his 1-800 Santa Barbara line was one digit off from another line: 1-800 Santa Claus.

Ventura County Fire Unit

Update: 4:00 p.m.

Firefighters are getting the upper hand on the fire, which has burned 50 acres.

Update: 3:00 p.m.

Ventura County firefighters are on the scene of what's being called a ten to fifteen acre brush fire in the eastern part of the county.

The holiday nativity scene on the front lawn of the old mission in Santa Barbara will be missing live animals this year.

Pastor Father Adrian said the staff had difficulty planning for volunteers to be on the site around the clock.

While investigating a stolen vehicle call in the Santa Barbara foothills Tuesday night, police came upon a suspect trying to hotwire a scooter near Parma Park.

During the arrest, though, the suspect got away.

The escape took place while the suspect reportedly had handcuffs on either one or both wrists.

Warnings have gone out for hikers to keep any valuables in their cars out of view, or better yet, don't leave anything valuable in their vehicles at all.

Three vehicles in the Santa Barbara area were burglarized on the Jesusita trail above San Roque Road, and also at the bird refuge at Andree Clark Bird Refuge.