What was described as a domestic dispute brought the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department to a condominium in Carpinteria twice on Sunday.

The second time, an elderly person had reportedly been assaulted.

You can step into maritime history on the South Coast.

Lady Washington, a tall ship, is docked at Ventura Harbor for the public to explore.

Captain James Mcclurg said she’s a replica.

"The original would have been built in 1782 and was a cargo-carrying vessel. We now use this ship for education purposes," he said.

This tall ship has been in several motion pictures including Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Gibraltar Dam behind Santa Barbara has reached its limit and is full after the intense storms that passed through in the last week.

A month ago, it was at an unusable level.

A cliff failure in Isla Vista sent a balcony into the ocean Sunday.

No one was hurt, but the crowded apartment house did have college students on the deck a short time prior.

The Ruby Princess cruise ship parked off Stearns Wharf Wednesday was the first cruise ship of the year to visit Santa Barbara.

This week's weather, however, has had a negative impact on the cruise ship business.

After 5 years of drought,  the residents of La Conchita are seeing more rain than the area has soaked up in a long time.

La Conchita, which is off of Highway 101 south of Carpinteria, had major landslides in 1995 and 2005.

Ten people died in the 2005 slide.

Fire crews from the Santa Barbara County Fire Department were called to a Goleta Valley home at at about 12:40 a.m. Tuesday, where smoke and flames were coming from the garage.

Many campers, residents and workers in the Paradise Road stretch of the Santa Ynez Valley are buzzing over the new flow of water in the Santa Ynez River.

Several crossings are closed to people and vehicles, as the river comes alive with more than eight days of rain this month.

On the heels of the Santa Barbara City Council approving an extra $10 million for a desalination project, a new football stadium project is also seeing rising costs.

The project at Santa Barbara High School was approved for $9 million more by the school board, using voter-approved bond money.

After a tense meeting, the Santa Barbara City Council supported an increase of nearly $10 million to pay for the final work on the new desalination plant.

The total cost for the plant will be around $70 million, up from $55 million originally estimated.