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An internationally known jazz musician is set to perform a rare concert at home on the South Coast.

Solvei McKenna is well known throughout Europe, and especially in her native Norway.

The jazz and World Music artist traded in the chilly weather of Norway to live in Ventura County.

One of the best known professional soccer teams in the nation is set to play an exhibition game on the South Coast this week, and as part of the event it will make a major contribution to Thomas Fire and flood relief efforts.

The Los Angeles Galaxy will take on Fresno FC Thursday night in a preseason friendly match at UC Santa Barbara’s Harder Stadium.

Prior to the game, the team will host 75 first responders in a special thank-you event. The team has pledged $10,000 to the United Way Thomas Fire and Flood Fund.

There’s concern about a different type of flu outbreak in California that’s shown up on parts of the Central and South Coasts, which targets our four-legged friends. It’s called Canine Influenza, or dog flu.

He was a young boy, filled with fear about something no child should be afraid of.

Jonathan Mooney was terrified of being asked to take part in a simple classroom activity, reading in class, because he struggled with reading.  But, he became an author and activist who graduated from Brown University with honors in literature.   

This week, he's visiting the South Coast to speak about the issue of learning issues, and how we address them.

A weather system will bring a chance of showers to the Central and South Coasts but forecasters say they don’t expect issues for the region’s brush fire burn areas.

There’s a 20-40 percent chance of showers predicted through Wednesday for the region.

January’s flooding and debris flow in Santa Barbara County was devastating for hundreds of families with destroyed, or damaged homes.

In many cases, things like photos, documents, and books were among the things lost. On Saturday, an expert on how to preserve damaged items like family photos will appear in Montecito to help people with how to try to save the prized possessions.

(Image courtesy Santa Barbara County)

Public safety officials are trying to take what we’ve learned from January 9th’s storm in Southern Santa Barbara County to better prepare Montecito, and other potential flooding trouble spots in the county for future storms.

They’ve unveiled a series of steps including more clear cut evacuation orders to information to help people better assess the potential danger they face from new storms.

In the wake of the deadly January flooding in Santa Barbara County, plans have been announced for a community meeting in Montecito to look at everything from ongoing recovery efforts to the risks from future storms.

A school board in Ventura County has censured one of its members because of what many community members saw as his efforts to intimidate, and threaten opponents.

Hundreds of people packed the Conejo Valley School Board’s chambers Tuesday night. But, Mike Dunn, the man at the center of the controversy was a no-show, deciding not to attend the meeting.

The unprecedented shutdown of a key section of Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County by the deadly January 9th storm made big news because it impacted so many people.

But, weeks after the 101 reopened, another state highway is still in recovery mode, and will be for some time still.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Investigators say a teenager driving a vehicle through tall grass accidentally triggered last summer’s destructive Whittier brush fire in Santa Barbara County.

It was a fire which raged out of control for weeks, threatening homes and prompting some evacuations. The blaze burned more than 18,000 acre of land and destroyed 16 homes.

(Photo by Air Force Airman First Class Ian Dudley)

The Air Force is planning the test launch of a missile from the Central Coast this week.

Vandenberg Air Force Base officials are planning to send up an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

A new warning has been issued about an outbreak of canine distemper on the South Coast.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services officials say they’ve found multiple cases of the disease in raccoons and other wildlife in Southern Santa Barbara County. Infected wildlife will move slowly and appear confused, but can also become aggressive towards humans if they feel threatened.

The highly contagious viral disease can be spread to dogs exposed to the bodily secretions of infected wildlife. Canine distemper doesn’t pose a threat to human health.

A Central Coast university is the new home of a national research and resource center focused on preventing problems on college campuses ranging from alcohol abuse to sexual assault.

The center is the latest in a series of efforts prompted by a tragedy several years ago on the campus.

(Santa Paula Fire Department photo)

It was a scary experience, but two people escaped from a plane crash on the South Coast without serious injury.

A small plane crashed near Santa Paula Airport just after 11 a.m. Friday.  The single engine plane ended up upside down in the Santa Paula riverbed near the airport.

There’s no word yet on what led to the crash.

A South Coast center focused on helping fire and flood victims is changing its focus, as it moves from helping people with immediate issues to long term concerns like help with rebuilding.

The Disaster Recovery Center, at the Calvary Chapel Church in Santa Barbara, will have teams of state and local officials on hand to help with everything from unemployment to applying for federal grants, and loans.

It will continue to operate as the Local Recovery and Assistance Center from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow. Monday, it will reopen at 9 a.m. as the Disaster Recovery Center.

Ventura County prosecutors say a former executive with a wastewater disposal company entered guilty pleas to criminal charges from a toxic chemical explosion at the company’s facility.

Even as cleanup continues in Southern Santa Barbara County from the deadly January 9th flooding, efforts to prepare for future storms remain in high gear on the South Coast.  At the same time,  a South Coast event will help property owners learn what they can do to protect themselves.

It’s been more than three weeks since the deadly flooding in Southern Santa Barbara County, but three beaches still remain closed to swimming, surfing and other water activities because of dangerous bacteria levels.

Santa Barbara County Public Health officials say bacteria levels are still unsafe at Carpinteria State Beach, Goleta Beach, and Hammonds Beach.

Officials say warnings remain in effect at four other beaches. The warning mean that while you can go in the water, it’s not advised because of the increased risk of illness.

Some alert department store employees in Ventura County led to the breakup of a sophisticated counterfeiting ring based in San Bernardino County.

It started on Sunday, when two men stepped into a Moorpark department store, and tried to buy the same types of expensive items with big bills.

The death toll from the flu continues to grow on the South Coast.

35 deaths have now been reported in Ventura County from influenza since last October. Most of the deaths have been among the county’s older residents, with only six of the victims under the age of 65.

Ventura County Public Health officials say with different strains of the flu affecting people, it is still important to get a flu shot if you haven’t received one yet.

A Ventura County couple is stepping up to help budding entrepreneurs in the region. 

Dave and Dawn Gross donated $300,000 through their NewCo Foundation to California Lutheran University’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

A firefighter who helped get dozens of kids, and staff members at a summer camp to safety during a major brush fire in Santa Barbara County was thrust into the national spotlight by President Trump.

The firefighter was one of the guests hailed as a hero at last night’s State of the Union address in Washington, D.C.

Recovery efforts for flood ravaged Southern Santa Barbara County include some big things, and some smaller ones as well.

One of those smaller, yet important things is the reopening of Montecito’s Library.

An insurance adjuster, and some of the residents of Montecito’s Bonnymede Condominiums off of Olive Mill Road are touring the complex to try to get a handle on damage to the 100 plus units in the community.

Resident Ken Murphy says the damage may be in the millions. For thousands of Southern Santa Barbara County residents impacted by the January 9th storm, they are trying to get a handle on their losses, and what insurance companies will do to help.

We could see more sizzling temperatures for the Central and South Coasts Tuesday, but the brush fire danger has eased.

The wind started to ease Monday afternoon, and a Red Flag Alert for high fire danger in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties was canceled.

A Ventura County man received a 50 years to life sentence for a 2014 murder.

David Hernandez shot to death Hector Alamillo in a Santa Paula home. The two men knew each other. Hernandez fled the county, forcing two different people to drive him to Los Angeles County. He was arrested a week after the murder while he was hiding in a Ventura motel.

The now 43 year old man pled guilty to first degree murder, setting the stage for his sentence.

The weather roller coaster which set the stage for a disastrous fire, and flooding in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties is taking us for a ride again.

We could see some potentially dangerous brush fire conditions on the South Coast beginning on Saturday night.

Maybe you’ve had the flu. Maybe it’s hit someone in your family.

The outbreak is one of the worst in decades in Ventura and Santa Barbara County, with the death toll topping 40 people.

A project to make pavement improvements on a Santa Barbara County highway which was delayed by three separate brush fires is now finally complete.

Crews have been working to upgrade a 17 mile stretch of Highway 154 in the Santa Ynez Valley from Edison Street to Cold Spring Canyon Bridge.