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When you think about first aid training, you probably think about CPR and using those skills to help someone suffering from a cardiac emergency. But that’s not the only first aid training that helps save lives. You can become certified in mental health first aid on the South Coast.

Leticia Yanez shook with anxiety as she pretended to have a panic attack. Her instructor and classmates tried to calm her down. Yanez said she actually felt anxiety even though she was just role-playing.

Santa Barbara County Fire Department

A new study of a 2016 Central Coast wildfire reveals that a group of firefighters were in peril when a flare-up occurred.

It’s the time of year when many of us are taking little spring vacations. Kyle Fleher who’s a critical care nurse at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, just took two weeks off from his job, but used them in a very special way. He volunteered at a front line medical aid station in war torn Mosul, Iraq.

An earth mover rumbles across a hillside on Ventura’s Westside. Off in the distance, you can see stakes in the ground, and workers setting the stage for the cement foundations of some new homes to be poured.

It’s a new development called Solana Heights, a 27 acre project off of Ventura Road, near South School Canyon Road. The 147 units include condos, as well as single family homes. The project is significant because it’s going to bring some badly needed new homes to the Ventura, and Ventura County market.

(Photo by Andrew Yamagiwa)

A small, delicate looking flower has been discovered for the first time on one of the Channel Islands. What’s known as the White Mallow has been found on Santa Barbara Island, which is part of Channel Islands National Park.

Opening night is still weeks away, but dozens of San Marcos High School drama students are busy getting ready for their latest production, the classic musical “Damn Yankees.”

There’s a couple of parents watching a rehearsal, as well as a tall, distinguished-looking man. There are as many eyes on him as there are on the run-through, because not only does he know the story, he’s the man who played the lead character in the Academy Award nominated 1958 movie.

Ventura County is looking at taking a cautious approach to marijuana sales and cultivation in unincorporated parts of the county.

It’s an issue facing cities and counties throughout the Central and South Coast, after voters approved the liberalization of marijuana in the state.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that the fruits and vegetables you eat don’t start out at the supermarket. Instead, they begin with a seed. You could take an entire college course on how a seed turns into what ends up on your dinner plate. But, this course is being taught to an unusually young audience on the South Coast.

Preschoolers – ages three to five – are learning about gardening, sustainability, eating healthy and the environment.

(Centers for Disease Control)

A norovirus outbreak has left hundreds of students, and staff members in a South Coast school district sick.

Hundreds of cases of the viral illness with flulike symptoms have been reported at the eight schools in Ventura County’s El Rio School District. Dr. John Puglisi, superintendent of the El Rio School District, says they’ve taken a number of steps to keep parents informed about the viral outbreak, and to contain it. He says about 500 students and staff members have been impacted.

What was once a seemingly endless amount of ice in the Arctic is shrinking faster than predicted by most climate change studies.

Many scientists say climate change is the main culprit. But, a UC Santa Barbara climatologist says a new study shows between a third and half of the Arctic ice lost may be due to something that's not a manmade impact.  It may be due to nature, through a major shift in wind patterns.