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It was billed as one of the biggest storms of the season, one which could potentially create a new wave of flooding, and debris flows in brush fire burn zones on the Central and South Coasts.

While much of the region had two to four inches of rain, no serious problems were reported.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says we dodged a bullet. All evacuation orders in Santa Barbara County were lifted at 5 p.m. Thursday.

Public safety officials say the heaviest rainfall of the storm that's been hitting the Central and South Coasts this week could come on Thursday.

Rob Lewin, the Director of the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management, warns it could be the strongest, more dangerous time for the region from the storm.

There’s a new development in what detectives say was a murder, the attempted suicide of the gunman in a crowded Ventura County shopping center.

Investigators say Kevin Crane shot to death his ex-wife with a pistol which had been confiscated by authorities, but was mistakenly returned to him.

(Ojai Music Festival photo)

An iconic music festival on the South Coast has selected a new Artistic Director.

Chad Smith, who’s Chief Operating Officer for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, will take the helm of the Ojai Music Festival.

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So, why does the storm hitting the Central and South Coasts have the potential to drop so much rainfall?

The storm hitting our region isn’t a typical winter storm coming from the Gulf of Alaska. It’s one fueled a low pressure system off the coast, which is spinning subtropical moisture towards land like a conveyor belt.

Storm on West Coast
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What has the potential to be a monster storm could create large amounts of rainfall on the Central and South Coasts Wednesday and Thursday.

Meteorologists say we could see two to six inches of rain on the coast, and five to ten inches in the foothills, and mountains.  A number of mandatory evacuations went into effect in Santa Barbara and Ventura County burn areas at noon on Tuesday.

A foundation has donated more than $200,000 to help veterans who are students at a South Coast university.

The Dr. Richard Grossman Burn Foundation is giving $220,000 to the Cal State Channel Islands Veterans Affair Program.

The CHP is continuing to monitor the storm, with officials saying if it looks like there will be flooding between Santa Barbara and Carpinteria, they will close Highway 101.

CHP Captain Cindy Ponce says if they decide there is a threat to drivers, they will close it immediately.

Highway 101 was closed for nearly two weeks following the 1/9 debris flow in Montecito.

A country music superstar who has a home in Santa Barbara County will do a benefit concert to help first responders involved with the Thomas Fire and flood.

Brad Paisley is going to host what’s being called the “Second Responders” benefit concert May 12th at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

A decades old music tour which showcases some of the hottest up and coming artists is returning to the South Coast for the very last time.

The Vans Warped Tour traditionally stopped in Ventura County every year, attracting tens of thousands of music fans.  But, because of timing conflicts with the Ventura County Fair, the tour bypassed Seaside Park in Ventura for the last two years.  This year, it will be back on June 24th.

What could be the biggest storm on the season is on track to hit the Central and South Coasts this week, and is prompting concern about the potential for flash flooding, and debris flows on the Central and South Coasts.

There are still questions about the timing of the storm, but we could see heavy rainfall between early Wednesday and Thursday.

A storm expected to hit the Central and South Coasts this week could be the strongest one since the January 9th disaster in Santa Barbara County, and may trigger a new wave of evacuations.

Meteorologists say heavy hourly rainfall could potentially trigger flash flooding, and debris flows in the county’s brush fire burn areas Tuesday night through Thursday morning.

There was chaos at a crowded Ventura County shopping center, as gunshots from what authorities believe was a murder-suicide attempt sent people running.

It happened just after 2 p.m. Saturday, at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks. Ventura County Sheriff’s office investigators say a woman was shot to death, and a man critically injured.

(Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office photo)

Some firefighters protecting homes in Montecito during the Thomas Fire on December stumbled across a potentially dangerous drug lab, and two people are now facing criminal charges as a result of the discovery. Firefighters called Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies December 17th after they saw items which appeared to be from a drug lab in plain view.

The third in a series of storms to hit the Central and South Coasts will mean wet weather, but no serious concerns or evacuations for brush fire burn areas in the region Friday.

The storm could drop a quarter of a half inch of rain along the coast, and up to an inch in the mountains and foothills. Rainfall rates are expected to be in the one tenth to three tenths of an hour range, which is well below the threshold for debris flow concerns.

Thousands of students on the Central and South Coasts took part in the nationwide school walkout on the one month anniversary of the Parkland, Florida school shootings which left 17 people dead.

At Ventura College, more than 300 people were on hand for a school walkout event which included talking about each of the 17 victims of the Parkland shooting so they would be more than just a number to people.

There’s a pair of storms on the way for the Central and South Coasts, but rainfall amounts aren’t expected to be heavy enough to cause problems in the region’s brush fire burn zones.

A storm arriving Wednesday night is expected to drop between a quarter of an inch, and half inch of rainfall before leaving our area tomorrow. Then, another storm will arrive Thursday night, perhaps generating a quarter of an inch of rain before it wraps up late Friday, or early Saturday.

One of the world’s biggest pop music stars is returning home to the South Coast to do a benefit for Thomas Fire and flood survivors, and first responders.

Katy Perry will perform at the Santa Barbara Bowl in May.

Santa Barbara County public safety officials have lifted all evacuation orders as of 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in burn areas, saying that the locally heavy rainfall in the forecast didn't materialize. Showers are expected through the day today, but rainfall rates are expected to be below the level which could trigger flash flooding, or mudslides.


Evacuation orders are in effect for a number of areas on the South Coast as the first in a series of three storms arrives in the region Tuesday morning.

National Weather Service forecasters say the storm has the potential to exceed thresholds for flooding and debris flows in brush fire burn areas.

Santa Barbara County has launched a new effort to make it easier, and safer for you to dispose of unused medications.

The County has started installing the first of two dozen dropoff boxes and pharmacies, and healthcare centers.

A South Coast high school which was the scene of graffiti threats last week had another problem, when someone lit off fireworks on campus, creating fear of a shooting.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office officials say the reports of shots fired at San Marcos High School in Goleta around noon Monday turned out to be false, and that illegal fireworks were responsible for the noise.

He was one of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen during World War II, and later became an educator and civil rights leader on the Central Coast.

A memorial service will be held at Vandenberg Air Force Base this weekend for Dr. Arthur Hicks.

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The largest in a series of storms expected to hit the Central and South Coasts has arrived in the region, and while public safety officials are watching it closely, they still saying no evacuations are needed.

Coastal areas could get a half to three quarters of an inch of rain from the storm, while mountains, especially the Santa Ynez Mountains range. may get an inch to 2.5" of rainfall.

Sea turtles are threatened with extinction. One of the biggest threats to their survival is illegal poaching of their eggs in Latin America. But, an innovative technological solution created by a wildlife conservation group on the South Coast is fighting illegal poaching of sea turtle eggs.

(Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department photo)

There have been more graffiti messages threatening violence at a South Coast high school, but no problems were reported.

A message discovered in a girls bathroom on Wednesday at San Marcos High School claimed there would be violence Friday. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office had extra officers around campus this week as a precaution.

Three additional graffiti threats were discovered in the boys locker room on Friday. Detectives don’t think the same person was responsible for the latest incident.

Orchid lovers from around the world will be on the South Coast for the 73rd annual Santa Barbara International Orchid show, which runs Friday through Sunday.

Among the orchids on hand is one which survived January’s disastrous debris flows in Montecito. It’s the miracle orchid.

It’s a beautiful day for golf.

But, it isn’t just any golf game for Bob Roth. The 86 year old Moorpark man is playing round number 10,000.

A Central Coast university is getting a new leader.

Dr. Jill Stearns will be the new Superintendent/President of Cuesta College. Stearns is currently president of Modesto Junior College, a post she’s held for more than five years.

It’s a science, technology, engineering, and math project for kids all wrapped up in one in a building, at Naval Base Ventura County.

But, what almost like an art class is actually a model bridge building project.  Dozens of kids being helped by mentors are cutting and gluing together sticks of linguini. They have to use math, science, and engineering skills to create the lightest possible segment which will hold the most weight.