ca storm

Since the massive January 9th debris flow, emergency crews in Santa Barbara County have been clearing areas to open passages for more rainfall runoff in case of a storm like the one in the area this week.

With every heavy storm, there's talk of finding new ways to capture and store runoff water that heads into the ocean.

Santa Barbara County is looking at options that are possible in some areas without environmental regulation or red tape.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Santa Barbara County officials say last week’s storm caused more than seven million dollars in damage in the county, prompting them to declare a local emergency.

The move, which County Supervisors will be asked to formally ratify next Tuesday, could open the door to state and federal aid. County officials say the new damage comes on top of seven million dollars in damage from storms in January.

Roads and highways were damaged, trees were knocked down, and the Goleta Pier was hit hard, and is closed pending repairs.

The Lower Mission Creek widening project in Santa Barbara has had a major setback due to the force of recent rain.

Some of the supports broke loose as the runoff waters raged over the weekend.

Even now, there's still debris in and around the creek water and the banks.