Police say an alert citizen foiled a burglary attempt at a Ventura County department store, when he saw a man climbing up a drainpipe to the building’s roof in the middle of the night.

Simi Valley Police say the received a 911 call at about one a.m. Thursday from someone saying they saw the man using the pipe to get to the roof of the Macy’s at Simi Valley Town Center. Moments later, two alarms linked to a roof hatch were triggered.

Authorities have arrested a man for a crime that caused a scare for residents of a South Coast community.

Simi Valley Police say on Friday they arrested 23-year-old Darnell McDuffie, a transient from Oxnard, on burglary and assault charges. It stems from an incident that happened on July 22nd. Police say around 5:30 that morning, they received a call from a resident who interrupted a burglary in her condo on the 1700 block of Sinaloa Road. Detectives say the suspect battered the woman and tried to restrain her using duct tape.

An interrupted burglary in Ventura County led to a wild car chase in which a getaway car rammed into two separate police cars.

Detectives in Ventura County say they’ve broken up a rooftop burglary ring which has stolen at least a million dollars worth of merchandise from Southern California pawn shops and jewelry stores.

Simi Valley Police detectives say the burglars cut holes in the roofs and walls of businesses, and then breached steel and cement safes.

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It sounds like a joke at first. Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives are asking for your help in finding a pair of elephants.

But, the story is real, even if the elephants are not. The two elephants are actually six feet tall bronze statues stolen from the 8700 block of North Ventura Avenue, in the Casitas Springs area. Investigators say whoever was responsible for the thefts was organized, because the statues are heavy and would take several people to move.

Authorities are investigating a string of burglaries that happened overnight on the South Coast.

Ventura County Sheriff's officials said burglars broke into businesses in Thousand Oaks between Friday night and early Saturday morning and stole cash.

"Money from registers, potentially cash drawers," Captain Ian Laughlin said. "But some of the locations had been ransacked, so typically that will take a little longer for the employees or management to figure out what specifically was taken.  So, I don't know if there are any specific items of value taken."

Technology has apparently helped to nab a burglary suspect on the South Coast who tried to steal from a neighbor’s home -- not once, but twice. 

The victims had a large amount of cash stolen from their Fillmore home about a month ago. That prompted them to install a WiFi–enabled motion activated camera system, which operates with an application on a cell phone.

Four people have been arrested for a commercial burglary in Ventura County in which more than $500,000 worth of high end wire and electrical gear was stolen. The four were found in a vehicle near the scene of the burglary of an industrial building on the 700 block of Science Drive February 18th.

Ventura County Sheriff's Department investigators say thousands of dollars worth of stolen items were found in the vehicle.