Authorities have arrested a man for a crime that caused a scare for residents of a South Coast community.

Simi Valley Police say on Friday they arrested 23-year-old Darnell McDuffie, a transient from Oxnard, on burglary and assault charges. It stems from an incident that happened on July 22nd. Police say around 5:30 that morning, they received a call from a resident who interrupted a burglary in her condo on the 1700 block of Sinaloa Road. Detectives say the suspect battered the woman and tried to restrain her using duct tape.

What was described as a domestic dispute brought the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department to a condominium in Carpinteria twice on Sunday.

The second time, an elderly person had reportedly been assaulted.

While investigating a stolen vehicle call in the Santa Barbara foothills Tuesday night, police came upon a suspect trying to hotwire a scooter near Parma Park.

During the arrest, though, the suspect got away.

The escape took place while the suspect reportedly had handcuffs on either one or both wrists.

It took extra police officers and a canine unit to convince a man to surrender in a Santa Barbara home Thursday morning.

Police say the incident occurred in the 300 block of La Cumbra road near State street

As police in Santa Barbara were checking a man for warrants, the situation took an unusual turn.

The suspect ran into the ocean and dove in.

The Harbor Patrol was immediately called in as the man began to swim away.

An investigation by Ventura County Sheriff's Office, and Oxnard Police Department narcotics detectives led to the seizure of more than 100 pounds of marijuana worth about $450,000, as well as the arrest of a suspected drug dealer.

Detectives say their investigation led to Daniel Forhan of Oxnard. They arrested the 37 year old man, and got a search warrant for his home on the 1600 block of S. Victoria Road in Oxnard.