A South Coast biotech foundation has donated millions of dollars to design an online biology tool to help aspiring scientists.

Thousand Oaks-based Amgen Foundation awarded a $6.5 million grant to Harvard University to develop LabXchange. This interactive platform will provide high school and college students with exposure to the scientific process through virtual lab experiences.

Many workers from Amgen, the Thousands Oaks based biotech company that sponsors a bicycle tour of California, did not get to watch the race coming through the South Coast region on Monday.

Instead, they were helping in the disaster-torn region of Montecito.

Photo by Amgen

You may have noticed a burgundy beam of light illuminating the sky on the South Coast.

Amgen has launched what it calls Spotlight Myeloma -- by shining a light from its Thousand Oaks campus as a way to raise awareness of the rare blood cancer, multiple myeloma.

Photo by Khan Academy

A South Coast biotech company’s foundation is donating several million dollars in an effort to help students around the world learn biology.

The Amgen Foundation in Thousand Oaks is providing a three-year, $3 million grant to Khan to develop comprehensive new biology lessons.

Scientists at biotech companies conduct genetic engineering in their labs to create medicines and other life-saving products to treat patients. And, some high school students on the South Coast are getting hands-on experience in biotechnology.

Students at Newbury Park High School are running their own biotech experiments in the process of producing a protein from genetically modified bacteria.

A South Coast biotech giant is making changes which will affect hundreds of jobs, leading to job transfers and some layoffs.

Amgen notified nearly 500 of its employees this week that they will impacted. Some workers will be reassigned to facilities in Tampa Bay, Florida, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and South San Francisco. Others will stay in Thousand Oaks, but in different capacities.

The shift is expected to be a gradual one, taking place over the next year and a half. Those impacted will be offered comprehensive benefits packages.

A young woman from the Conejo Valley is being recognized as one of just ten of the best and brightest up-and-comers in science and medicine.

The Amgen Foundation – based in Thousand Oaks – selected 21-year-old Michelle Vaisman of Agoura Hills to its Ten to Watch list of those who have the potential to help define the future of science.

"I believe personally the research I'm doing has the chance to make a really great impact on the field of solar and, ultimately, the world," she said. "It's a very promising path in order to achieve low-cost and high efficient solar cells, which can help bring down the cost and help increase the amount of solar that's being used currently."