Want To Own Part Of A Pier? Parts Of One On The Central Coast Up For Grabs

Apr 11, 2017

How would you like to own part of a historic Central Coast pier? You can get a chunk of the Pismo Pier, and help in efforts to rebuild it.

An ambitious $8.8 million dollar, two year plus renovation is underway. Parts of the structure, which was built in 1924, are more than 90 years old and need to be replaced. The plans also call for upgrading the pier’s electrical system and lighting.

The City of Pismo Beach is using sales tax revenue, hotel room tax money, bond funding and general city funds to pay for the project. But, it’s also hoping to raise some money through the sale of some of the historic planks being removed, which you buy starting at $2.50 a foot for planks.

The city is also going to create and sell mementos related to the pier ranging from plaques to drink coasters.