Ventura County City Hit By Nearly A Dozen Commercial Burglaries Early Thursday

Aug 31, 2017

A South Coast city has been hit by a wave of burglaries, with nearly a dozen businesses targeted during a matter of hours.

Burglar alarms were ringing throughout the City of Simi Valley Thursday morning, with 11 businesses reporting break-ins. Simi Valley Police say the string of burglaries started at around 3 a.m., with cash registers at fast food restaurants, liquor stores, an ice cream shop, and even a bowling alley targeted.

The burglars entered the businesses by force, breaking in through windows or doors. Investigators say because of the timing of the burglaries, they think there were multiple burglars involved. Video from one of the locations showed two men wearing dark hooded sweatshirts, and face coverings, and other video showed a dark sedan which might have been a getaway car.

Simi Valley Police say to discourage break-ins, business owners should leave lights on inside when they are closed at night, and leave registers empty, and open so burglars can see there is nothing to take.