Utilities Still Disrupted In Montecito Area Due To Flood; Water Issues Close Restaurants

Jan 11, 2018

There are a number of utilities issues for people in the Montecito area in the wake of Tuesday's deadly flooding.

A number of leaks prompted the shutdown of natural gas service to the community, and that’s expected to last for the next few days. Electricity is also out to thousands of customers.

Contamination concerns with Montecito’s water system prompted the issuing of a boil water order for the system’s customers. Santa Barbara County Public Health Department officials ordered restaurants, markets, and other establishments which prepare food to close as a result of the contamination concerns.

They are still allowed to sell commercially packaged unopened foods. But, they can’t prepare or sell open foods. And, if they are in the Public Safety Exclusion Zone, they have to remain closed until further notice.