Two Teens Injured In Confrontation With Mystery Attackers In Ventura County

May 15, 2018

Authorities are just releasing details of a terrifying incident involving two teenagers in Ventura County, in which they were shot at, injured, and then chased by some mystery attackers.

It happened just after two a.m. Saturday, in the Ventura area.

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies say a 16 year old boy, and a 13 year old girl were sitting in a parked car on the 11000 block of Violeta Street. Another vehicle stopped nearby. An occupant fired a shot which missed the teens, but left them injured when they were hit by bullet fragments. The teens fled on Highway 118, but the attackers followed them and fired more shots.

The teens finally escaped from their pursuers, but their car crashed. Both victims were treated and released at hospitals for their injuries.