State Fish And Wildlife Officials Investigating Poisoning Of Vultures on South Coast

Nov 7, 2017

State Fish and Wildlife officials are investigating the poisoning of more than a half dozen vultures in Ventura County, most of which have died.

Tests have shown that the turkey vultures became sick after eating the remains of some euthanized animals in the Simi Valley area.

The tests show the birds had been poisoned with pentobarbital, which is commonly used by veterinarians to euthanize pets, livestock, and horses. The carcasses are supposed to be disposed of by cremation, and deep burial, but investigators say the turkey vultures apparently ate some of the poisoned remains.

Five turkey vultures died, and two others became seriously ill but recovered after being rehabilitated at the Ojai Raptor Center.

State Fish and Wildlife officials are trying to get the word out on what happened to insure the carcasses of euthanized animals are disposed of properly.