South Coast School Which Survived Montecito Debris Flow Now Facing New Crisis

Feb 15, 2018

A South Coast elementary school which lost two of its students in the deadly Southern Santa Barbara County flooding January 9th is now facing a new crisis.

Santa Barbara’s Cold Spring School survived the January disaster, but many of the homes in the one school-school district didn’t. It’s estimated the 170 student school could lose close to 10% of its budget because of decreased property tax revenue as a result of the destructive debris flows.

The loss of revenue could mean massive cuts, or potentially even closing its doors. School officials, staff members, and parents have launched what they are calling the Cold Spring Emergency Fund. It’s a campaign to try to replace the nearly half million dollars in lost revenue by May 1st.

The campaign is off to a quick start, with more than $15,000 already pledged.