Small Earthquakes Rattle Central, South Coasts

Apr 9, 2018

There have been a series of small aftershocks off the South Coast in the wake of last Thursday big magnitude 5.3 quake in the Channel Islands.

There was a magnitude 2.4 quake south of Santa Cruz Island on Friday, and a 2.6 on Sunday. Also on Sunday, there was a magnitude 2.1 quake northwest of the island. Only a handful of people reported feeling the microquakes. They didn’t cause any damage.

Meanwhile, the Santa Ynez Valley has been rocked by a series of small earthquakes. There was one quake on April 3rd and two on April 5th, all in the magnitude 2.3 to 2.5 range. The quakes were centered about seven miles east of Los Olivos. There was no damage, but dozens of people reported feeling them.