Search And Rescue Efforts Continue In The Montecito Area In Wake Of Flood; Death Toll Stands At 18

Jan 13, 2018

An army of search and rescue workers is continuing efforts Saturday to look for possible survivors of Tuesday's deadly flooding in Santa Barbara.

The death toll remains at 18 people, with seven listed as missing.  The number of missing has changed all week long. 

More than two thousand people are now involved in efforts from search and rescue to assessing damage in the Montecito area.

Much of Montecito remain in a mandatory evacuation zone.  The mandatory zone was expanded on Thursday night, after officials realized it could be a week or more before basic services like power, gas, and sewer service can be restored to many areas.  Officials were also hoping to reduce traffic for rescue and repair teams trying to work among destroyed, and damaged homes.

On Friday, the CHP announced that plans to reopen Highway 101 through Montecito have been put on hold indefinitely.  Caltrans has been working around the clock to remove mud and water, and repair damage, but engineers realized their goal of reopening the highway on Monday was unrealistic.

There is still boat service available between Ventura and Santa Barbara, and additional cars are being added to Pacific Surfliner trains between the two communities.