Santa Barbara County Based Relief Group Has Supplies, Staff In Texas To Help Hurricane Victims

Aug 25, 2017

An international relief agency based on the South Coast has deployed modules of medical supplies along the path of Hurricane Harvey, to help those impacted by the huge hurricane.

Goleta-based Direct Relief International has supplies, and staff positioned in Texas to help some of those affected by the hurricane.

Tony Morain, who is Communications Director for DRI, says they worked with local health care organizations to pre-position 12 modules with key supplies which could be needed in hard hit areas.

The modules contain everything from first aid supplies to medicine, and water purification equipment.

Morain says DRI is prepared to send more supplies, and staff into the region is needed.

He spoke to KCLU News from Alice, Texas which is near Corpus Christi, and close to the path of the hurricane. He admits it’s a little nerve wracking, but that he loves his job, and this is just part of it.