Research By South Coast Scientist Who Studies DNA From Shark Teeth To Be Featured Again On TV

Jul 20, 2017

The latest research by a scientist on the South Coast who studies DNA from shark teeth left behind after attacks will again be featured as a part of the Discovery Channel "Shark Week" TV specials.

Bryan Swig, a marine biologist and professor at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, has developed a process to extract DNA from the enamel of tooth fragments of great white sharks. Since sharks leave behind bits of tooth after taking a bite, he says his technique could eventually help identify the shark’s family group.

“If you can identify the family groups, you know where they’re migrating to and from, you know where they’re hanging out and when they’re going to be close to shore or off-shore. So, you just know ecologically what these individuals from these families are doing and you know how they’re interacting with not only other white sharks but other species,” he said.

The hope is that this will lead to a decrease in shark attacks.

Swig’s research will be featured in Discovery Channel’s “Great White Shark Serial Killer Lives” on Sunday at 7 pm.

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