Oil Company Files Lawsuit Over 2015 Oil Pipeline Break, Spill In Santa Barbara County

Apr 6, 2016

An oil company which has been forced to shut down an oil platform off the Santa Barbara County coastline as a result of last year’s massive oil pipeline break, and spill at Refugio State Beach has now filed suit over it.

Venoco is seeking $12 million dollars in damages from Plains All American Pipeline. The suit says as a result of the pipeline break, and the shutdown of another pipeline the oil company has suffered more than $12 million dollars in damages.

Venoco operates Platform Holly, which was forced to cease the facilities operations because the company couldn’t move the oil it pumped. It says the losses continue to mount daily, because the pipeline still remains out of operation.

Venoco cited losses from the spill, as well as a slump in the oil market during a bankruptcy filing last month.

More than 140,000 gallons of crude oil spilled onto the soil, and into the ocean as a result of last May’s pipeline accident.