Mom Didn't Live To See It, But Son Makes Dream Of Candy Store In Ventura County Come True

Feb 14, 2017

It's Valentine’s Day, when many of us share our love and affection for people in our lives in different ways.

One man is using a sweet part of his family’s history to put smiles on a lot of faces in Ventura County on this special day.

KCLU's Lance Orozco reports on how some old family recipes are at the heart of a new candy store in Thousand Oaks.

Newberry Candy is located at 3130 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard in Thousand Oaks, and is open 12-5 weekday, and 11-5 weekends, but you can often find owner John Newbury there evenings, and he'll be glad to sell you some treats.  Website: