Guest DJ: Love Songs With Jay Som And Japanese Breakfast

Feb 12, 2018
Originally published on February 12, 2018 2:39 pm

Today, two good friends pick love songs for Valentine's Day.

Melina Duterte, best known for her project Jay Som, and Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast felt like the perfect choice to talk to us this week: They both know how to write about love, and they're both playfully entertaining on social media. They each sent me a list of love songs, with neither aware of what the other had picked.

This conversation took place in three cities: Melina was at NPR West in Culver City, California, while Michelle was at our NPR bureau in New York City. In fact, they'd begun the conversation before I arrived at NPR's studio in Washington, D.C.

It was a conversation that included everything from songs they know from middle school to song choices inspired by their parents' love.

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