911 Dispatches Paint Graphic Image Of First Minutes Of Thousand Oaks Shootings

Nov 8, 2018

There’s shock, and disbelief in Ventura County, as we continue to get more details of a rampage at a popular bar which left 12 people plus the gunman dead, and more than 20 injured.

Audio of emergency dispatchers dealing with the 911 calls paint a dramatic picture of the attack.

Authorities say Ian David Long showed up at the Borderline Bar and Grill just after 11 last night, opening fire as he entered the Thousand Oaks night spot. Ventura County Sheriff’s investigators say after shooting a number of people, including fatally wounding Sheriff’s Sergeant Ron Helus, the 28 year old Newbury Park man killed himself.

Investigators are trying to determine what might have led to the attack. Long is a former Marine who had some minor skirmishes with the law, but nothing serious.

The first 911 calls came in just after 11:20 last night. Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies and CHP officers soon confirmed the emergency was real. KCLU’s Lance Orozco has the story.