Rhaina Cohen

Rhaina is a production assistant for Hidden Brain. She got her start in public radio as an intern for Planet Money. Before entering the audio world, Rhaina worked in television news and on book projects. She was part of the production team for the ABC News show, This Week with George Stephanopoulos. She worked as a research assistant for Rebecca Traister on the New York Times bestselling book, All The Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation and for Peter Slevin on his biography of the former first lady, Michelle Obama: A Life.

As a Marshall Scholar, Rhaina received a master's in Comparative Social Policy from Oxford (and while there, competed in a dance style that hasn't yet gained ground in the U.S., Acrobatic Rock 'n Roll). She holds a bachelor's degree in American Studies from Northwestern University. Through her undergraduate and graduate research, Rhaina studied family policies in Denmark, Iceland and the U.S. military.

When Paul Kugelman was a kid, he had no shortage of friends. But as he grew older and entered middle age, his social world narrowed.

"It was a very lonely time. I did go to work and I did have interactions at work, and I cherished those," he says. "But you know, at the end of the day it was just me."

Kugelman's story isn't unusual: researchers say it can be difficult for men to hold on to friendships as they age. And the problem may begin in adolescence.

Women in the Middle Ages were excluded from many realms: the law,