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Paula Perotte

Goleta City councilmember Paula Perotte snapped a picture when she saw something looking in the window at her dog, Apollo.

It was a 300-pound black bear.

Firefighters are gearing up for what could be a rough high fire season on the Central and South Coasts.

Local, state, and federal officials gathered in Ventura County to try to highlight the danger. Ventura County firefighters built a fire break in the rugged, grass covered hillside behind the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, and made helicopter makes a water drop on the hillside. Today, it’s was all for show, and there was no fire.

Roughly six years ago, Cindy Miller's Pomeranian was reported stolen.

She had her dog, Chili, with a pet-sitter near her home in Northern California while she was out of town.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office is the latest agency to adopt video body cameras to provide new transparency about the actions of deputies in the field, as well as to give them video evidence of confrontations with criminals.

Heavy equipment and a game plan that's been months in the making led to an overnight move of one of two historic 1920's-era homes in Santa Barbara from West Pueblo Street to West Figueroa.

The homes were purchased for $1 by developer Mark Meza, who agreed to subsidize the cost of moving them to their new locations, where he hopes to make them rental properties.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report is calling on the county to do more to deal with an invasive species of plant which can potentially clog waterways, and squeeze out native species.

A type of plant which can grow as much as four inches a day, and can top 30 feet tall is growing out of control on two of Ventura County’s main waterways, the Ventura and Santa Clara Rivers.

Hundreds of cowboys in pink shirts are on a traditional ride in the Santa Ynez Valley this week.

The Rancheros Visitadores have begun their ride in the back trails, camps and ranches in Santa Ynez.

It's part of a tradition that goes back decades.

The suspect in a Goleta area high-profile triple-murder case, Pierre Haobsh, says he is not guilty.

Haobsh was in superior court in Santa Barbara Thursday.

A Caltrans flatbed truck lost 7 barrels of drilling mud at the intersection of Highway 154 and State Street Wednesday.

The barrels came off the truck and some of them split open when they hit the asphalt, coating the street with mud.

Santa Barbara Police are actively reviewing video surveillance tape at the Sansum Clinic Prescription Pharmacy on Pesetas lane near Calle Real after a break-in over the weekend.

Plans to change usage for Micheltorena Street in Santa Barbara to clear space for a bicycle route have taken a detour.

The city transportation committee has heard from residents, business owners and bicycle enthusiasts, and is looking for a new solution with a route that utilizes Sola Street nearby.

An autopsy indicates that a Ventura County Jail inmate who died in custody died from natural causes.

Timothy Kicker of Simi Valley collapsed April 22nd while making a court appearance at the Ventura County Courthouse. Efforts to revive the 70 year old man were unsuccessful.

The autopsy indicates the death was the result of a pre-existing medical condition. Kicker was in custody as the result of a DUI arrest.

Many car owners are finding their belongings missing in what appears to be a targeted crime spree.

Thieves appear to be active in the Carpinteria, Summerland and Montecito area this week.

(VCFD Photo)

Ventura County firefighters say they expect to get full containment today of a brush fire outside of Ventura which caused a scare yesterday.

KCLU usually brings you the news from the Central and South Coasts, but today it’s in the news.

The non-profit station has received a million dollar gift from a Westlake Village couple to support and enhance its news coverage by establishing a news endowment.

The gift is the latest by Linda and Dennis Fenton to support the station. They’ve been station members since it first went on the air in 1994, and Linda Fenton is currently a member of the station’s advisory board.

A new program to educate drinkers about the risks they may pose to the public will be rolled out in Santa Barbara this weekend.

The program is called "Know Your Limit," and is funded by a special grant from the office of traffic safety.

Santa Barbara police will have officers interacting with bar and nightclub guests to talk to them about the problems associated with drinking and driving.

A rotting palm tree set to be removed became a unexpectedly big problem for the crew when they came across its tenants. 

Living on the top of the tree were an estimated 40,000-60,000 honey bees.

Smoke and flames from the Santa Barbara High School building brought out fire officials, who are officially labeling the cause as arson.

Fire investigators say it was intentionally set in a field house storage building near the stadium.

More than three dozen people have graduated from a program intended to narrow the divide between college students, and law enforcement in a South Coast community that's largely made up of students.

An eight week long citizens academy in Isla Vista allowed students and residents a chance to learn about everything from search and seizure laws, to the use of K-9's.  The program's 32 participants were honored over the weekend with a graduation ceremony.

(SBCSO Photo)

Five people have been arrested in connection with a string of more than 20 farm and ranch burglaries on the Central Coast.

Due to rising calls for service locally and across the country during hostile situations, including active shooters, Santa Barbara County firefighters will soon be wearing body armor on those specific calls when necessary.

More than 16,000 notices are going out in the mail this week to Ventura County landowners, telling them they need to remove brush from around their property, or face having the county do it for them.

The Carpinteria Valley Water District is working with the sanitary district and the city to develop a plan to treat waste water before it heads into the sanitary district.

The water would then be injected into underground wells.

We can all agree flying can be stressful. At the Santa Barbara airport, passengers can now get through the tense times with the help of a therapy dog known as Lokee.

Owners Larry and Carol Reiche signed their dog up and trained the grand champion Keeshond as a therapy dog.

Could the type of oil pipeline rupture, and spill which occurred in Santa Barbara County in Ventura County last year happen in Ventura County?

The Ventura County Grand Jury looked at the concern in a new report. The Grand Jury notes that a variety of state and federal agencies are responsible for regulating pipelines, and it’s not under the county’s domain. But, it’s calling for an annual summary of the crude oil pipelines in the county.

Should motel and hotel guests in parts of Santa Barbara County be taxed more to help pay for county services?

Santa Barbara County Supervisors today will look at a proposal to increase what’s known as the “transient occupancy tax” from 10% to 12% for motel, and hotel guests in unincorporated parts of the county.

It would bring the TOT tax in line with the 12% currently charged by the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria, Buellton, and Solvang.

A non-profit health care provider which serves as an HMO for more than 200,000 Medi-Cal patients in Ventura County has reached a financial milestone.

The Gold Coast Health Plan started on a shaky financial footing when it was launched in 2009. It had to set up a $7.2 million dollar revolving line of credit with the county to meet state mandated reserves.

Now, with more than $130 million dollars in net assets the plan has ample reserves, and has received permission from state regulators to repay the line of credit to the county.

In solidarity with other college campuses UC Santa Barbara students rallied with a large march Thursday that called for a number of changes.

The list of demands included educational reforms and more respect for students of different religions and ethnicity.

Deliberations could get underway tomorrow on the long simmering controversy over efforts to expand a Central Coast oil refinery to handle trainloads of crude oil for processing.

Phillips 66 wants to add railroad sidings, and other facilities to its Nipomo plant to handle up to three large trainloads a week loaded with crude oil.

Some local officials are in the state capitol to support what could be a key land purchase in the future.

The National Guard Armory in Santa Barbara on Canon Perdido Street has for years been on the wish list for the city of Santa Barbara as a piece of land it could use for a variety of reasons.

Buying it has not been easy.