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Due to rising calls for service locally and across the country during hostile situations, including active shooters, Santa Barbara County firefighters will soon be wearing body armor on those specific calls when necessary.

More than 16,000 notices are going out in the mail this week to Ventura County landowners, telling them they need to remove brush from around their property, or face having the county do it for them.

The Carpinteria Valley Water District is working with the sanitary district and the city to develop a plan to treat waste water before it heads into the sanitary district.

The water would then be injected into underground wells.

We can all agree flying can be stressful. At the Santa Barbara airport, passengers can now get through the tense times with the help of a therapy dog known as Lokee.

Owners Larry and Carol Reiche signed their dog up and trained the grand champion Keeshond as a therapy dog.

Could the type of oil pipeline rupture, and spill which occurred in Santa Barbara County in Ventura County last year happen in Ventura County?

The Ventura County Grand Jury looked at the concern in a new report. The Grand Jury notes that a variety of state and federal agencies are responsible for regulating pipelines, and it’s not under the county’s domain. But, it’s calling for an annual summary of the crude oil pipelines in the county.

Should motel and hotel guests in parts of Santa Barbara County be taxed more to help pay for county services?

Santa Barbara County Supervisors today will look at a proposal to increase what’s known as the “transient occupancy tax” from 10% to 12% for motel, and hotel guests in unincorporated parts of the county.

It would bring the TOT tax in line with the 12% currently charged by the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria, Buellton, and Solvang.

A non-profit health care provider which serves as an HMO for more than 200,000 Medi-Cal patients in Ventura County has reached a financial milestone.

The Gold Coast Health Plan started on a shaky financial footing when it was launched in 2009. It had to set up a $7.2 million dollar revolving line of credit with the county to meet state mandated reserves.

Now, with more than $130 million dollars in net assets the plan has ample reserves, and has received permission from state regulators to repay the line of credit to the county.

In solidarity with other college campuses UC Santa Barbara students rallied with a large march Thursday that called for a number of changes.

The list of demands included educational reforms and more respect for students of different religions and ethnicity.

Deliberations could get underway tomorrow on the long simmering controversy over efforts to expand a Central Coast oil refinery to handle trainloads of crude oil for processing.

Phillips 66 wants to add railroad sidings, and other facilities to its Nipomo plant to handle up to three large trainloads a week loaded with crude oil.

Some local officials are in the state capitol to support what could be a key land purchase in the future.

The National Guard Armory in Santa Barbara on Canon Perdido Street has for years been on the wish list for the city of Santa Barbara as a piece of land it could use for a variety of reasons.

Buying it has not been easy.

Resolving budget issues in one South Coast law enforcement agency has become a tense battle for funding and staffing.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says he is actively recruiting to fill more than 50 openings in his department but the process and selection protocol has been slow.

Residents in four condos on the South Coast are in temporary homes after a weekend fire.

An early morning fire Saturday in Santa Barbara destroyed one condo and damaged three others with the smoke and heat.

The two NFL football teams which now call Ventura County home for training are going to kick off the 2106 exhibition season this summer.

The NFL announced the Los Angeles Rams will host the Dallas Cowboys August 13th at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, in a nationally televised game on ESPN.

The Rams are set to hold their spring conditioning workouts in Oxnard beginning later this month, and their in-season practices at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. The Cowboys will once again hold their summer training camp in Oxnard.

A long range development plan for Santa Barbara County shows changes in the Santa Claus Lane beach access points.

The county is considering a section that would make the area safer than having the public cross the tracks at multiple locations to get to the beach.

A giraffe born at the Santa Barbara Zoo has died in Ohio.

Santa Barbara Zoo officials said Asha, one of the zoo's Masai giraffes, had to be euthanized Sunday.

A package left in front of a Central Coast business caused a scare today, with a bomb squad needed to determine that it wasn't an explosive device.

The package was discovered at around 8:30 this morning outside of a building on the 2000 block of East Highway 246 in Buellton.  An employee called Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies, who determined that something was suspicious, prompting evacuation of the several businesses in the building.

(SBCSO Photo)

Efforts to keep spring break parties under control in Isla Vista are being called a success this weekend, with a major year to year drop in the number of arrests and citations.

Santa Barbara County closed the community’s beaches to prevent the same type of massive unsanctioned, unsponsored beach parties which overwhelmed the community’s public health and safety resources in 2009.

A former Ventura and Santa Barbara County assemblyman has been re-elected to his third straight term as chairman of a bipartisan commission charged with state government oversight.

Pedro Nava will continue to head the Sacramento based Little Hoover Commission. Nava was first appointed to the commission by the Speaker of the Assembly in 2013. He represented Ventura and Santa Barbara County’s as an assemblyman from 2004 to 2010, and has also been a member of the California Coastal Commission.

(Photo by John Palminteri)

The environmental watchdog group Santa Barbara Channelkeeper is asking the Santa Barbara City Council to come up with a more environmentally sound way to draw water from the ocean.

The water would be drawn through a piping system and into a desalination plant that is scheduled to start operating again later this year.

There's been a big water loss in one South Coast district at a time when every drop is needed.

In an extreme drought, to see 50,000 gallons of water go down the drain is upsetting for everyone, especially officials with the Montecito Water District.

It happened Sunday night in a truck accident.

The vehicle sheared off a hydrant on Sheffield Drive at Birnham Wood.

Working over the Easter weekend, members of the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's office finalized papers for formal charges against South Coast resident Pierre Haobsh.

Haobsh allegedly killed Dr. Henry Han, his wife Jenny and daughter Emily.

Detectives now say they don't think a triple murder in Santa Barbara County was a random attack.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the 4600 block of Greenhill Way in Goleta at around 5:30 last night when someone asked them to check up on the welfare of the residents. The bodies of three people were found.

The victims have been identified, but aren't being released yet.

Sheriff's Office officials say they have investigators working around the clock on what they are calling a "horrific" crime.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's detectives are at a Goleta home where three bodies have been found.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the 4600 block of Greenhill Way at around 5:30 last night when someone asked them to check up on the welfare of the residents.  They found evidence a crime had occurred.

Detectives obtained a search warrant, and early this morning the bodies of three people were found.  The names of the people haven't been released, and officials aren't talking about the cause of the deaths, or what they think happened.

A man in his 20's has died in the front country hills in Santa Barbara after a fall estimated to be 50-100 feet from the Gibraltar Rock area.

On the road for his wife former President Bill Clinton made a quick stop in Santa Barbara Tuesday to talk about his wife - Hillary's Campaign and world issues.

A more than two decade old theater company on the South Coast announced the curtain will come down on it for the final time at the end of this season.

Thousand Oaks based Cabrillo Music Theater will present the final two shows of the current season, “Children of Eden” and “The Little Mermaid,” and then close. The non-profit organization presented everything from musical classics to more contemporary fare during its 22 year long history.

Women winemakers of the Central Coast were featured at a natural history museum event in Santa Barbara intended to honor

Guests tasted their wines and asked about their part in the winemaking process.

For decades, a coastal Santa Barbara county community has dealt with oil production facilities that were never completely capped properly.

The community of Goleta is still looking for an official site to call home for its staff and city Council meetings.

The U.S. Secretary of the Interior is going to get a closeup look this week at efforts to restore the natural habitat of the Channel Islands, and to help the endangered Island Fox.

Sally Jewell and Democratic Congresswoman Lois Capps of Santa Barbara will tour parts of the park by boat on Friday.