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With Cachuma Lake at 50 percent capacity due to strong winter rains, officials say there's time now to consider their next move.

These include conservation plans for the future, different water supply options, and what to do with equipment used when the lake levels were extremely low.

Cleanup crews with heavy equipment were called out over the weekend to a Santa Barbara neighborhood, where a hillside slid and covered a street with mud.

It coated Miramonte Drive below Carrillo Hill. The street was closed for more than a day.

One man is dead, and a second seriously injured following what authorities are calling a double stabbing in Ventura County.

It happened at around 10:30 Thursday night on the 2200 block of Marco Street in Camarillo. Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives aren’t talking about what happened, but say two men were taken to hospitals with stab wounds, where one died.

Investigators say there are no outstanding suspects, so they think the conflict involved the two men. The names of the men haven't been released.

15 police and sheriff's agencies are in Santa Barbara this week, at the Earl Warren Showgrounds for specialized mounted patrol training.

The agencies are working day and night in various settings.

Santa Barbara County was able to coordinate the training for statewide agencies, which have normally gone to Riverside County for the program.

The Deltopia street party in Santa Barbara's Isla Vista community has been a large-scale challenge for the county in the past.

In recent years, news rules have slowed the unpermitted event down.

Several blocks of Linden Avenue in Carpinteria were used for non-car activities Saturday.

Part of an Open Streets event, many people came by to take part in a number of fitness and family fun activities that included dancing, Zumba, and obstacle courses.

Metrolink is preparing to make some schedule changes to its commuter rail service which will affect a number of their Southern California routes, including service to Ventura County.

Ventura County Line Train 104, headed east to LA’s Union Station, will still leave its five stops in the county at the same time in the morning. But, it will spend less time at three stops in the San Fernando Valley to help keep it arrival on time.

(U.S. Air Force Photo)

It’s an event being overshadowed by the almost hourly new headlines coming out of Washington, D.C. What’s being called a groundbreaking new global political effort to ban nuclear weapons is underway at the United Nations, and a South Coast peace advocacy group is playing a role in the talks.

Since the 1969 offshore oil platform accident, there's been a focused effort by environmentalists to review and stop many drilling projects in local waters.

Now, with a new energy policy from the White House, there's a concern that Santa Barbara County could see 750 new on-shore wells in the Cat Canyon area of Los Alamos.

What started as a possible violation of a skateboarding restriction escalated into a controversy which is now being played out in court on the South Coast

KCLU's John Palminteri reports the incident led to the arrest of the skateboarder. with the person involved claiming that law enforcement went too far.