(National Park Service photo)

A mountain lion known for accomplishing the rare feat of safely crossing the 101 Freeway twice in the Santa Monica Mountains area has died.

National Park Service officials say P-55 's remains were recovered by biologists, but were so badly decomposed it was impossible to determine the cause of death.

More than a hundred people have been waiting in 100 degree heat in Simi Valley for the opening of a once a month farmers market. There are a lot of farmers markets on the central and South Coasts, but this one is pretty unique. Robbie Hidalgo, with the non-profit group “Simi At The Garden,” says what makes it special is everything is free, with a goal of helping people in need.

Authorities are investigating a gruesome find on the South Coast. Some people discovered what they thought might be human remains in the surf at a Santa Barbara County beach.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies and UC Santa Barbara Police officers were called to Camino Pescadero Park in Isla Vista just before six Tuesday night. They confirmed there were human remains in the water, and Santa Barbara County firefighters were called in to assist in recovery efforts.

(Photo by Britney App/Mid-State Fair)

A pop superstar who performed on the Central Coast Sunday night is now in a Los Angeles hospital, after apparently suffering a drug overdose.

Demi Lovato was the headliner at the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles, in a concert which was supposed to be the kickoff a new tour.  Fans there called it an amazing concert.

(Image courtesy Iridium)

It’s still a go as of right now for an early morning Wednesday rocket launch from Santa Barbara County. SpaceX is planning to launch one of its Falcon 9 rockets from Vandenberg Air Force Base, in the seventh in a series of flights to put a series of new communications satellites in orbit.

(Photo by Ed Krieger)

She’s a Tony Award nominated actress who was the original “Belle” in the Broadway hit “Beauty and the Beast.” Now, Susan Egan has reprised the role in a new stage production of the musical in Ventura County.

Citizens of Santa Barbara who spent long periods of time sitting on the sidewalk in the city's downtown area have been contending with what's called a sit-lie ordinanace.

That ordinance bans people from sitting on the sidewalk in the path of others or having items that infringe on the flow of pedestrian traffic, such as bedding or camping gear.

The monster heat wave you’ve been hearing about for the last few days is going to hit full strength Tuesday.

Highs will be in the 90 degree range on the coast, to around 110 inland. The Central Coast will have a little bit of onshore flow, so it will be slightly cooler than the South Coast.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Fire investigators say two potentially dangerous brush fires in Santa Barbara County last week were both accidentally started by vehicles.

The Cruces Fire started midday Wednesday next to Highway 1 about three miles west of the Highway 1-101 interchange.  It burned nearly 80 acres of brush.  The fire closed a section of Highway 1 for more than five hours, and briefly threatened some ranches. 

Santa Barbara Police spent about four hours calming down a tense situation that started with a parking lot fight witnesses said involved a man with a machete.

He was outside of an apartment complex at about 1 p.m.

Veterans in California may find it easier to get mental health assistance, after the Governor signed into law a bill from a Ventura County legislator.

AB 2325 prevents California’s counties from denying mental or behavioral health serves to veterans.

One woman is dead, and a second was seriously injured after they stopped to help victims of a traffic collision in Ventura County, and were struck themselves by a hit and run driver.

An SUV veered off of East Pleasant Valley Road in Oxnard Sunday night and hit a tree. The driver fled the scene, leaving behind a passenger who had suffered minor injuries. People in a second SUV stopped to help.

Moments later, a third SUV approached the scene, and hit the good Samaritans.

The U.S. Secretary of State minced no words in a speech in Ventura County focused on Iran and its current government, at one point comparing its leadership to the Mafia.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Sunday night was called “Supporting Iranian Voices.”

It was part of a ping pong series of statements about U-S/Iranian relations which during a 24 hour period would involve the President of Iran and President Trump.

A heat wave which could lead to near record to record high temperatures for the Central and South Coasts is underway.

It’s not expected to be quite as hot as the heat wave earlier this month, but highs could be in the upper 80’s to low 90’s on the coast. The valleys and foothills could be in the upper 90’s to around 105 degrees.

Photo by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

College students on the Central Coast helped a disabled man participate in a triathlon over the weekend.

Twenty-four-year-old Joseph Cornelius has cerebral palsy and can neither walk nor talk, but he was able to complete the San Luis Obispo Triathlon with his father on Sunday thanks to a group of engineering students. These Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students built a safe and comfortable trailer that connects to a bicycle so that Joseph could ride as his father, John, cycled.