There’s concern about a different type of flu outbreak in California that’s shown up on parts of the Central and South Coasts, which targets our four-legged friends. It’s called Canine Influenza, or dog flu.

He was a young boy, filled with fear about something no child should be afraid of.

Jonathan Mooney was terrified of being asked to take part in a simple classroom activity, reading in class, because he struggled with reading.  But, he became an author and activist who graduated from Brown University with honors in literature.   

This week, he's visiting the South Coast to speak about the issue of learning issues, and how we address them.

Hundreds of trucks are hauling mud from Montecito’s mudflow disaster to Goleta Beach. While the work is being completed, the beach waters are closed.

A posted sign at the beach is causing confusion among people who think everything there is closed.   

Photo by California Lutheran University

A South Coast university will be building a $30 million science center. 

California Lutheran University will be breaking ground on its Thousand Oaks campus later this month on what will become a three-story, 47,000-square-foot facility featuring 30 flexible science labs.

A weather system will bring a chance of showers to the Central and South Coasts but forecasters say they don’t expect issues for the region’s brush fire burn areas.

There’s a 20-40 percent chance of showers predicted through Wednesday for the region.

A CHP motorcycle officer suffered moderate injuries in a traffic collision involving a motorcade for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ventura County Friday night.

The Canadian leader spoke at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley and was headed back to the Los Angeles area when the accident occurred just after 7 p.m. The Prime Minister’s vehicle wasn’t involved.

The crash happened on Madera Road near Aristotle Street. Initial reports are that an SUV turned in front of the motorcycle officer.

There’s a computer science course on the South Coast that’s teaching kids how to develop computer programs, which is known as coding. These children are attending a weekly class at a local library to become code-savvy.

This is the Coding Club which brings young people to Santa Barbara Central Library’s Tech Lab. These kids are having fun, but they’re also learning skills that can turn them into the next generation of computer programmers.

(Facebook photo from Michael Chabot)

There’s shock, and sadness over word that a high school student in Ventura County has died as a result of the flu.

Officials at La Reina High School in Thousand Oaks identified the teen as Gabriella Chabot. A memorial vigil is being held for the teen on the campus tonight.

There have been at least 38 confirmed deaths from influenza so far this season in the county, the highest number in decades. The teen is the youngest victim reported in the county, with most of the deaths involving those who were 65 or older.

Friday marks a month since Southern Santa Barbara County was hit by disastrous flooding, and debris flows which killed 21 people, and left two missing. 

A Montecito church which became an impromptu first aid station and shelter for victims of the disaster is commemorating the day with a non-denominational gathering.

Even as the South Coast continues to recover from the big storm which hit Southern Santa Barbara County a month ago Friday, there’s concern about the potential for new brush fires this weekend.

A Red Flag Warning is in effect from 10 p.m. Saturday to 6 p.m. Sunday for Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

January’s flooding and debris flow in Santa Barbara County was devastating for hundreds of families with destroyed, or damaged homes.

In many cases, things like photos, documents, and books were among the things lost. On Saturday, an expert on how to preserve damaged items like family photos will appear in Montecito to help people with how to try to save the prized possessions.

(Image courtesy Santa Barbara County)

Public safety officials are trying to take what we’ve learned from January 9th’s storm in Southern Santa Barbara County to better prepare Montecito, and other potential flooding trouble spots in the county for future storms.

They’ve unveiled a series of steps including more clear cut evacuation orders to information to help people better assess the potential danger they face from new storms.

(Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department photo)

It started as a routine traffic stop in Santa Barbara County, but it led to the arrests of five men with extensive criminal records for possession of ammunition, and a small arsenal of weapons.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies patrolling the Montecito disaster zone stopped an SUV Tuesday night on Coast Village Road. They discovered the driver was on probation, and the two passengers had arrest warrants in their names. Officers say a search led to the discovery of ammunition in the vehicle.

A man accused of strangling his mother’s boyfriend, and stuffing his body into a Ventura freezer where it sat for two years has received an 18 years to life prison sentence.

A Santa Barbara County man is facing more than 20 criminal counts for what federal prosecutors say were fraudulent investment schemes.

Elias Argyropoulos was arrested after being indicted by a federal grand jury. Prosecutors say the 71 year old Montecito man solicited investments in things like Facebook and Twitter stock, but instead diverted money his mortgage, and casino debt.

A town hall meeting has been set for Thursday night in Montecito Union School to talk about the new concerns after the recent mudslide disaster.

The reshaping of the creeks and landscaping along with still-clogged drainages and chokepoints are a serious concern in the face of another possible rainstorm or earthquake.

Autopsies show that the deaths of a father and son on the Central Coast were the result of a murder-suicide.

The bodies of Edward Mendoza, and his son Edmundo Eduardo Mendoza Junior were found January 29th in the California Valley home the two shared.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Coroner’s officials believe the 37 year old son killed his 70 year old father, and then fatally shot himself.

Investigators aren’t saying what they think led to the murder-suicide.

In the wake of the deadly January flooding in Santa Barbara County, plans have been announced for a community meeting in Montecito to look at everything from ongoing recovery efforts to the risks from future storms.

It was a morning Jonathan Henning will never forget.

The Casitas Springs resident work up early on the morning of December 5th to find a sea of flames in the mountains east of the community. He says during a half hour period, the Thomas Fire literally swept through the community.

Firefighters and residents teamed up to stopped the embers as the blaze moved east to west across Highway 33, on its path towards Santa Barbara. While the community came through the Thomas fire largely untouched, it’s now facing a new threat.

Millions of dollars could coming back to Santa Barbara for costs related to the recent mudflow disaster that mainly hit Montecito County, but also impacted Coast Village Road. The city utilized fire and police services following the mudslide. 

A school board in Ventura County has censured one of its members because of what many community members saw as his efforts to intimidate, and threaten opponents.

Hundreds of people packed the Conejo Valley School Board’s chambers Tuesday night. But, Mike Dunn, the man at the center of the controversy was a no-show, deciding not to attend the meeting.

A Central Coast man is now facing an involuntary manslaughter charge after his 13-year-old brother was shot and fatally wounded.

The incident happened Saturday at a Santa Maria home. Leonardo Navarro was flown to a hospital in Santa Barbara, where he died Monday.

(Department of Defense photo)

It’s been more than a half century since the United States was engaged in the Vietnam War, and an event this weekend in Ventura County will look at some of the ongoing impacts.

The City of Camarillo is hosting a panel called “The Vietnam War: What It Means For Us Today.”

The unprecedented shutdown of a key section of Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County by the deadly January 9th storm made big news because it impacted so many people.

But, weeks after the 101 reopened, another state highway is still in recovery mode, and will be for some time still.

A new interactive map will be released this week to show vulnerable areas on the South Coast following the recent mudflow disaster in Southern Santa Barbara County.

The office of emergency services is working on the updated data to show where another hard rain could cause possible flooding or property loss.

Santa Barbara County Supervisors Tuesday are set to consider creating some taxes on marijuana production and sales, which could potentially generate from five to $25 million dollars a year in new revenue.

The county will look at options including creating a general tax, or special tax on cannabis. The proposed tax rates range from 1% on nursery operations to 6% for retail operations.

(Photo by Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Investigators say a teenager driving a vehicle through tall grass accidentally triggered last summer’s destructive Whittier brush fire in Santa Barbara County.

It was a fire which raged out of control for weeks, threatening homes and prompting some evacuations. The blaze burned more than 18,000 acre of land and destroyed 16 homes.

A DUI driver who caused a crash which left two women dead in Santa Barbara County is going to spend at least the next two decades behind bars.

Santa Barbara County prosecutors say Cameron Wesley Oliver entered guilty pleas to multiple charges, including second degree murder.

(Photo by Air Force Airman First Class Ian Dudley)

The Air Force is planning the test launch of a missile from the Central Coast this week.

Vandenberg Air Force Base officials are planning to send up an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

The Montecito Inn has set up  a unique spotlight display in the sky to remember those who died or are missing following the January 9 deadly mudflow.

A single light will be shot to the sky for 23 hours over the next week.