An 88 year old bicyclist struck by a pickup truck which apparently drifted onto the shoulder of a Goleta street has died as the result of his injuries.

Roman Parades was driving a three wheel bicycle on Calle Real towards Glenn Anne Road around 6:30 Friday morning when he was hit. The pickup truck driver remained at the scene, and was not arrested because it was determined alcohol, drugs and cell phone use weren’t factors in the accident.

The Goleta bicyclist was taken off of life support Saturday.

The Governor has signed a pair of bills from a state senator from Santa Barbara intended to improve the environment for children in schools.

Democratic State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara authored SB 1375, which requires schools to be aware of their responsibilities to prevent gender discrimination as required by federal law. It also requires schools to insure that students, parents, and staff are aware of their rights under the Title IX legislation passed by Congress in 1972.

The Governor has signed into law a bill co-authored by a South Coast legislator intended to help protect children from identity theft.

AB 1580 allows a parent, guardian, or conservator to freeze the credit of a child under 16 years old. Democratic Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin of Thousand Oaks says she felt the law was needed because child identity theft often goes unnoticed for years, until the child is old enough to apply for a job or student loan.

There’s been yet another brush fire on Vandenberg Air Force Base, the fourth in less than two weeks.

The latest blaze broke out just before noon today, near Firefighter and Corral Roads. Firefighters aided by helicopters, and air tankers were able to stop the spread of the four acre blaze in a little over an hour. No structures were reported threatened. There’s no word yet on the cause of the fire.

The Concert Across America filled the Arlington Theater with music fans, all  united in the effort to end senseless killings with guns.

The idea was developed in part out of Santa Barbara, with the local chapter of the Coalition to End Gun Violence.

Jose Razo of Oxnard has a dream for his family. He wants a better life for his five kids. Razo works overnights in a warehouse, in fact, close to 60 hours a week to support his family. Now, on top of that, the 32 year old man is taking college classes five hours a day.

Razo is one of more than two dozen Ventura College students in a new program giving them training to work in a field where there are wide open jobs which can’t be filled because there aren’t enough qualified candidates.

A bicyclist who went out of his way to be prepared for potential trouble when he went for a nighttime bike ride along Ventura’s oceanfront still lost his bike, after being attacked and pepper-sprayed by a group of men.

The 31 year old man was riding on a bike path through State Beach Park around nine Saturday night when he was stopped by three men, who then started to punch him. The victim tried to use a personal taser to defend himself, but was hit with pepper spray by the attackers.

(USAF/30th Space Wing Photo)

Normal operations resumed today at Vandenberg Air Force Base, even as firefighters continue some mopup work from some brush fires on the base.

The largest of the trio of fires, the Canyon Fire on the south part of the base, charred more than 12,000 acres of brush. It was fully contained on Saturday, nearly a week after it started. Two smaller fires which started late last week, a 200 acre plus blaze and a 30 acre fire, were also declared fully contained over the weekend.

A former Santa Barbara Police officer has been sentenced to 120 days in jail, and put on five years probation for workers compensation fraud.

Santa Barbara County prosecutors say Jacob Finerty claimed that he injured his back in an on-duty traffic accident.  But, while he was supposed to be off work recovering from the injury, investigators say the now 28 year old man was observed taking part in wrestling, and strength competitions.

The governor has signed into law a bill authored by a Conejo Valley legislator which will make it easier for women to get contraceptives.

SB 999 requires public and private health plans to cover the dispensing of birth control pills, patches, and rings for a period of up to a year. Currently, women have to get refills every 30 or 90 days. The new law allows doctors to issue up to 12 month long prescriptions, allowing them to be dispensed in a more convenient way.