A former Santa Barbara Police officer has been sentenced to 120 days in jail, and put on five years probation for workers compensation fraud.

Santa Barbara County prosecutors say Jacob Finerty claimed that he injured his back in an on-duty traffic accident.  But, while he was supposed to be off work recovering from the injury, investigators say the now 28 year old man was observed taking part in wrestling, and strength competitions.

The governor has signed into law a bill authored by a Conejo Valley legislator which will make it easier for women to get contraceptives.

SB 999 requires public and private health plans to cover the dispensing of birth control pills, patches, and rings for a period of up to a year. Currently, women have to get refills every 30 or 90 days. The new law allows doctors to issue up to 12 month long prescriptions, allowing them to be dispensed in a more convenient way.

(Photo By Senior Airman Julie Kazanas /USAF)

Firefighters have fully controlled one brush fire, and have 90% containment of a second on Vandenberg Air Force Base, in Santa Barbara County.

The Washington Fire started yesterday afternoon, burning more than 200 acres of land on the north side of the base before it was contained last night. It was full controlled this morning. The fire is believed to have been started by a power line downed by gusty wind.

You’re going to literally see the first signs of construction next week on a section of Highway 101 on the South Coast used by 100,000 people daily.

On the first week of school at UC Santa Barbara, some of the biggest excitement has been around the athletic facilities.

The NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers have been quietly there for a pre-season workout, organized by none other than the LeBron James.

(Photo by David Bazemore)

A new cutting edge dance/theater production meant to get you to ponder relationships, and the world around us makes its world premiere on the South Coast September 23rd and 24th.

It’s called “Future Perfect” and explores relationships between people, as well as with the world around us. 

A second major brush fire on Vandenberg Air Force Base has threatened some buildings, and prompted some evacuations.

What’s being called the Washington Fire has burned about 250 acres of land on the north end of the base. It started around 2 p.m. Thursday off of Washington Avenue. Despite evacuation orders for a half dozen buildings Thursday afternoon, none were reported damaged, and the forward spread of the blaze was stopped by mid-evening.

Firefighters think wind may have knocked down a power line, triggering the fire.

A man police are describing as a vagrant has been arrested on a hate crime charge in Ventura, after investigators say he threatened someone in a store’s parking because of their race.

Ventura Police received multiple reports around six Wednesday night that Nathan Augustine was harassing people on the 4600 block of Telephone Road. Officers say Augustine then focused on a man in the parking lot, shouting racial slurs and holding a knife in his hand.

A Santa Barbara congresswoman has introduced a bill intended to help better protect the nation’s drinking water supplies from accidental pollution, as well as intentional contamination by terrorists.

HR 6121 would amend the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The legislation by Democratic Congresswoman Lois Capps of Santa Barbara builds on a grant program to help community water systems prepare for issues like homeland security threats, accidental contamination, and the impacts of climate change on water supplies.

Firefighters battling a 12,000 acre brush fire in Santa Barbara County are facing a new complication. The Canyon Fire on the south part of Vandenberg Air Force Base is now 70% contained, but at around 2 p.m. today, a new unrelated fire broke out on the north end of the base.

Some of the more than 1100 firefighters and other personnel fighting the Canyon Fire have been diverted to the new blaze.

Several buildings on the base have been ordered evacuated as a precaution from the new fire.  Firefighters say it appears the wind down a power line, triggering the new blaze.