Thousands of marijuana plants have been confiscated after investigators say they discovered a multi-million-dollar illegal marijuana grow in Ventura County.

Search warrants were served Friday on two properties located on the 13000 block of Grand Avenue, just outside of Fillmore. Detectives found about 8,000 marijuana plants on 80 acres of land. They determined it was illegally being operated under the guise of a marijuana cooperative as part of the Compassionate Care Act in which California voters legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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It started as a small organization with two dozen employees set up as a public agency to manage Medi-Cal services for Ventura County residents, in effect serving as an HMO for them.

Now, Gold Coast Health Plan has more than 200,000 members, and a stable financial footing.

Someone made a grim find in a South Coast alley.

A passerby spotted the battered body of a man on the 800 block of Cooper Road in Oxnard at about 5:30 Friday morning.

Paramedics were called, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Oxnard Police say he was in his mid-20’s. His name hasn’t been released yet.

An autopsy is pending. It’s the ninth murder this year in Oxnard.

An employee of a Santa Barbara County school district arrested on a warrant for child pornography in North Dakota is now facing a local child abuse charge.

Royce Devin Warner was arrested June 20th on a possession of child pornography charge. While he was being held in jail, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s detectives say they discovered he had also repeatedly sexually abused a child in our area. Investigators say they are now trying to determine if there are additional victims.

It’s a boat straight out of a history book, with a crew made up of veterans who fought on these craft more than a half century ago.

It’s called a “Swift Boat,” and the 50 foot long, lightly armed craft were used by the U.S. Navy to patrol the coast of Vietnam.

This Navy gray craft, PCF 816, is the only remaining operational Swift Boat in the world, and is on a tour of West Coast ports, with stops in Santa Barbara and Oxnard’s Channel Islands Harbor.

Some criminal grand jury indictments issued against an oil company, and one of its employees over a major oil spill in Santa Barbara County earlier this year will remained sealed until after the trial.

Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Jean Dandona ruled that releasing the indictments might taint the potential jury pool, and make it difficult to conduct a fair trial.

(Photo courtesy Dallas Cowboys)

This is a big week for pro football fans on the South Coast.

The Dallas Cowboys arrived in Ventura County Thursday afternoon for their annual summer training camp in Oxnard. They flew into Naval Base Ventura County where they had a private meet and greet and autograph session for base personnel, and their families.

The Santa Barbara Zoo has two very fierce looking new residents who are part of an effort to save their species from extinction. The zoo received two endangered Western Lowland gorillas this week.

The gorillas, which are named Nzina and Bangori, are brothers, and come to Santa Barbara from the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. They’re among more than 350 gorillas now at North American zoos as part of a conservation effort to increase the population of the species.

The Montecito Country Club is getting a new look as part of $40 million makeover.

With the South Coast in a drought, however, the rollout of grass and the visible sprinkler system has caught the attention of passersby.

It’s perhaps one of the most difficult decisions any of us could face. If you were terminally ill, with a declining quality of life, would you choose to use a new state law which allows you to peacefully end your life?

SB 128, the End of Life Option Act, now makes that choice one you can legally make in California.