Travelers on a South Coast highway are going to encounter delays for the next few months.

Traffic is only being allowed to flow one direction at a time on some sections of Highway 150 between Ojai and Santa Paula. Crews are building barriers along two sections of the highway between Steckel Park and Thomas Aquinas College to try to stabilize the adjacent slopes.

The vote counting is now officially over in Ventura County, and turnout is reported to be the highest in the county’s history. Just over 363,000 ballots were cast in the county in the November 8th election, with the final voter turnout 82%.

Ventura County Clerk/Recorder/Registrar of Voters Mark Lunn says 60% of the ballots were cast by mail, and 40% at the county’s 366 polling places.

Ventura County prosecutors say a man who claimed he would help financially troubled homeowners save their homes, but instead took their money and did little or nothing to help has entered guilty pleas to grand theft and foreclosure consultant fraud charges.

Patrick Iturra operated a business called Mercury Business Group. Prosecutors say almost every one of the 46 year old man’s clients lost their homes. He’ll be sentenced in February, but is expected to face a year in jail, and an order to compensate his victims for their losses.

Santa Barbara Police say in November 37 vehicles were stolen, and 24 of them were motorcycles or scooters.

This spike has lead to a call to action for motorcycle and scooter owners to keep their vehicles more secure.

Fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of blaze which damaged eight condos in Ventura County.

The blaze hit a two story complex on the 200 block of Oak Leaf Drive IN Thousand Oaks at about six last night. The fire spread through the attics of the complex.

No one was hurt, but 16 residents were displaced by the fire, which took about 90 minutes to fully contain.

You can hear the commotion of volunteers in action as they put the final touches on a show in Ventura County which mixes art, religion, and charity.

A Westlake Village church is this year’s home the nearly quarter of a century old event which features displays of hundreds of nativity scenes, and raises money to help the homeless.

What happened to a little four year old girl from Ventura County? Oxnard Police say Kimberly Lopez is missing, her parents can’t account for her whereabouts, and relatives are concerned.

The little girl had been a dependent child of the Ventura County Juvenile Court. The little girl was last seen at an Oxnard home in March of 2015, which was the final required home visit by authorities before the case involving the girl was dismissed.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has reached a settlement with a manufacturing company to try to reduce pollution in a river which flows through parts of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

EPA officials say stormwater runoff from Canyon Plastics in Valencia ended up in a creek which is a tributary to the Santa Clara River. Plastic beads from manufacturing at the plant were getting washed by rainwater into the river, where they potentially ended up in the wildlife food chain.

Ventura County prosecutors say they’ve reached a settlement with the owners of a fishing vessel over an fuel spill in a local harbor.

Prosecutors say in November of 2013, the Royal Pacific accidentally released about 200 gallons of diesel fuel into Ventura Harbor when it collided with another fishing vessel. The owners fully cleaned up the spill, and compensated the state for its costs in overseeing cleanup.

Nearly all of the players on the UC Santa Barbara women's basketball team are not standing during the national anthem, and are instead going down on one knee.

It's a statement similar to professional athletes who are concerned about racial injustice.