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August 2008

Controversial Miramar Resort proposal gets conceptual approval

8/29/2008 12:51pm    Download MP3

A controversial proposal to build a new Miramar Resort, in Montecito has received a key approval...after overcoming a number of hurdles. KCLU's Lance Orozco reports.

South Coast man talks about Democratic Convention experience

8/28/2008 8:14am    Download MP3

KCLU's Lance Orozco talks with a South Coast man who's one of the half-dozen delegates from the South Coast who's a part of the historic Democratic Convention.

Santa Barbara County changes position on offshore oil development

8/27/2008 9:09am    Download MP3

It was a vote by Santa Babara County supervisors which stunned many people...one which calls for putting out the welcome mat for new offshore oil development. KCLU's Lance Orozco reports.

MDA camp caters to kids dealing with neuromuscular diseases

8/26/2008 9:48am    Download MP3

Labor Day weekend means big picnics, and trips to the beach, but, it's also the big weekend for "Jerry's Kids". KCLU's Lance Orozco looks at how some local children benefitting from an American tradition...the annual Jerry Lewis M-D-A Telethon.

Former South Coast surfer spearheads tandem surfing movement

8/25/2008 8:43am    Download MP3

It's a sight which bowls over most people who see it. Tandem surfing matches up couples on the same surfboard, with the woman suspended over the man's head, like an acrobatic might. KCLU's Lance Orozco talks with a longtime South Coast leader who's a tandem surfing legend.

Economic problems compounding health care crisis

8/22/2008 8:24am    Download MP3

America's economic situation is adding to the existing affordable health care crisis, with some people losing or no longer being able to afford insurance. Meanwhile many health care providers cathering to low income patients are swamped with new requests for help. KCLU's Lance Orozco looks at this issue, in the latest segment of our Health Dialogues series.

Owner of feed store in doghouse over pet adoption efforts

8/21/2008 8:22am    Download MP3

It started out as a good intentioned effort on the South Coast to find homes for thousands of homeless dogs, and cats. But...it's landed a feed store owner in the dog house. KCLU's Lance Orozco reporrts.

Boy Scouts talk live with astronaut on space station

8/20/2008 8:54am    Download MP3

Some Boy Scouts on the South Coast got a firsthand taste of space exploration, when they talked live with an astronaut orbitting the earth on board the International Space Station.
KCLU's Lance Orozco reports.

World War II fighter ace reflects on time in combat

8/13/2008 9:13am    Download MP3

They flew in harm's way to defend America during World War II....and August 16th and 17th...they're the honored guests at a South Coast Airshow. KCLU's Lance Orozco talks with World War II fighter ace who's taking part in the special event at the Camarillo AirShow.

Research study says global warming is threatening California's flora

8/12/2008 9:54am    Download MP3

A new research project shows as many as two-thirds of California's plant species may be at risk, because of global warming.

Dallas Cowboys prepare to leave Oxnard, hit the trail for the start of football season

8/11/2008 9:29am    Download MP3

It's the final roundup for Dallas Cowboys fans on the South Coast this week, and the team is preparing to leave its Oxnard Training Camp for the start of Football Season. KCLU takes us to the camp for a visit before the Cowboys hit the trail.

Art show brings sculptures to the streets of Santa Barbara

8/8/2008 9:35am    Download MP3

It's a new art show so big that it's spilled out of artists studios, and onto the streets of a South Coast city. A new show opening is literally taking place on the streets of downtown Santa Barbara.

Miramar project thrown into limbo: Developer may sell site

8/7/2008 9:03am    Download MP3

A developer's plans to rebuild Montecito's historic Miramar resort have been derailed, and now, he says he may move on, and sell the property to someone else.

State prison hospital proposal for Ventura County under fire from residents

8/6/2008 9:02am    Download MP3

A proposal to build a state prison hospital in Ventura County is at the bullseye of a growing controversy. The county is now opposing the project...but it doesn't have an official say in the decision-making process.

Toxic waste site generates controversy over cleanup timeline

8/5/2008 10:01am    Download MP3

There's controversy over effforts to clean up a toxic waste site on the South Coast, with some people saying the proposed plan would take too long. KCLU's Lance Orozco updates us on efforts to clean up Oxnard's Halaco toxic waste site.

Ventura County firefighters protect against mysterious hot spot fires

8/4/2008 9:47am    Download MP3

It's a potential brush fire waiting to happen. Ventura County firefighters have built containment lines just in case around a mystery spot in the ground in the mountains, that's spewing hot gas. KCLU's Lance Orozco has more on the mystery.

New system helps locate those affected by Alzheimer's, dementia who become lost

8/1/2008 9:41am    Download MP3

A new service being offered in Santa Barbara county is giving the families of those affected by Alzheimer's disease, and other forms of dementia new protection against them wandering away.