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Illinois Police Officer Shot Dead; Manhunt Underway For 3 Suspects  |   

A Fox Lake County police officer was killed this morning in a suburb north of Chicago. Local and federal officers are searching for the suspected killers.

An Unanswered Question About Iran's Nuclear Program   |   

Congress plans to address the Iranian nuclear deal this month, and one unresolved issue is how much work Iran might have done previously on weaponizing its program.

California's Prisons Will Change Solitary Confinement Rules  |   

The state agrees to stop placing inmates in solitary confinement solely because of a gang affiliation. The changes could move more than 1,500 inmates out of solitary.

Are Statins Bad For Me? Personalized Medicine Can't Yet Say  |   

Statins made her feel wretched, so she took a DNA test to find out why. But even the doctor with the genetic testing company admits that the test doesn't tell you much more than you already know.

The Black Cowboys Of Florida  |   

For many Floridians, the tradition of African-American cattle ranchers is an integral part of the state's rich story.