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Uber Greases The Wheel With Obama's Old Campaign Manager  |   

Uber is hiring David Plouffe, the mastermind of Obama's 2008 campaign, to power its own political strategy. What can a tech-savvy political animal offer a ride-sharing service?

U.N. Warns Of 'Possible Massacre' In Northeastern Iraq  |   

The United Nations special representative in Iraq describes the situation in Amerli, besieged by Islamic State militants, as one of "unspeakable suffering."

Photo Released Of Chinese Fighter That Buzzed U.S. Navy Plane  |   

Pentagon officials have identified the Chinese interceptor that made a "dangerous intercept" of a U.S. Navy maritime patrol aircraft as an Su-27.

Another Peaceful Night In Ferguson  |   

The protests were largely peaceful in the St. Louis suburb for a third consecutive night.

Nashville To African-Americans: Join Your Police Dept.!  |   

In the wake of the protests in Ferguson, law enforcement officials around the country are asking: "How can we lay the groundwork for peaceful collaborations between police and citizens?"