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New Cellphone Surveillance Safeguards Imposed On Federal Law Enforcement  |   

Federal law enforcement officials will be routinely required to get a search warrant before using secretive and intrusive cellphone-tracking technology under a new Justice Department policy.

Donald Trump Signs Loyalty Pledge Ruling Out 3rd Party Run   |   

Donald Trump signed a loyalty pledge Thursday saying he would not run on a third party ticket if he does not win the Republican domination. And Jeb Bush attacked Trump at an event in New Hampshire.

Ben Carson, The Other Republican Outsider On The Rise  |   

The retired neurosurgeon is rising in Iowa. He's drawn big crowds in the state and he's catching up with Donald Trump in the polls there. Like Trump, he has no background in elected office.

Colorado's Long-Lasting Birth Control Program For Teens May Not Last Long  |   

Colorado's experiment with long-lasting birth control proved a big success in reducing unplanned pregnancies and abortions. But political backing has been hard to come by.

Religion Takes Spotlight In Final Days Of Nashville Mayoral Race  |   

Mayoral races often focus on issues such as traffic and development. And Nashville's current contest has camped out on those themes. But in the final days before voting concludes, one candidate is trying to turn attention to the religion of his opponent, characterizing her as "anti-Christian" in an effort to win over African-American voters.