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Obama Sidesteps Midterm Campaigning As Approval Ratings Slump  |   

The president's job approval rating is somewhere in the low 40s. That means there are a lot of places where his presence would hurt more than it helps.

The White House Could Be Made A Fortress, But Should It?   |   

It turns out the Secret Service isn't too good at protecting the White House. Maybe one reason is that we don't want it to be.

Sen. Warren: We Need Regulators Who 'Work For The American People'  |   

Elizabeth Warren tells NPR that newly released recordings of conversations by Federal Reserve officials show that the same kind of cozy relationships that led to the 2008 meltdown have continued.

Transcript: Sen. Warren's Full NPR Interview On Financial Regulation  |   

Elizabeth Warren tells Morning Edition that audio tapes made by an investigator working for the New York Fed re-enforce the perception of a disturbingly cozy relationship between regulators and banks.

Secret Talks And Back Channels Pervaded U.S. Relationship With Cuba  |   

The new book Back Channel to Cuba reveals how U.S. presidents, from Kennedy on, have held secret talks with Havana, even though the public stance was silence toward Cuba.