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Scientists Discover A 6th Taste — And It's Quite A Disgusting Mouthful  |   

They call it "oleogustus," or the taste for fat. But nutrition scientist Rick Mattes says it's far from delicious. Found in rancid food, it's often an unpleasant warning.

Winds Of Change? Rhode Island Hopes For First Offshore Wind Farm  |   

Rhode Island is trying to have more success than a similar project off the coast of Massachusetts. However some residents worry the farm will disrupt the ocean view.

Ebola Vaccine Hailed As 'Game Changer' In Fight Against The Virus  |   

In a small trial, an experimental vaccine protected 100 percent of people at high risk for Ebola. But more data are needed to figure out exactly how well the vaccine works.

As Beijing Prepares To Host Winter Olympics, Where Will It Get The Snow?  |   

NPR's Melissa Block talks with Jennifer Turner, director of the China Environment Forum at the Woodrow Wilson Center, about water resources and environmental concerns in the extremely arid region.

As Midwest Dams Reach End Of Life, Soaked States Can't Handle Repair Costs  |   

More than 11,000 dams across the U.S. have protected lives and property from flooding for decades. But age is catching up to them, and many need repairs. Record rain hasn't helped matters this year.