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New EPA Standards Label Toxic Coal Ash Non-Hazardous  |   

Environmental groups had sought to have coal ash, a byproduct of coal-fired power plants, regulated as hazardous waste.

At Last, I Meet My Microbes  |   

At 31, a woman had the bacteria in her gut catalogued as part of scientific project that aims to characterize the creatures that live inside us and affect our health. Here's what she found out.

How Peppermint Tricks Us Into Feeling (Deliciously) Cold   |   

We have the chemical menthol to thank for the wonderful mouth-feel of peppermint. Scientists now know that menthol fools the brain by activating receptors involved with sensing cold.

Playlist: Science!   |   

From monkeys to microbes, TED speakers in this playlist cover all different realms of the scientific world.

Are We Wired To Be Compassionate?   |   

Author Robert Wright says humans are not only wired to be compassionate but we have evolved to feel compassion out of self-interest.