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Science Seeks Clues To Human Health In Neanderthal DNA  |   

Some of the genetic variations in human DNA that have been linked to quick clotting or depression or diabetes lie within or near the genetic stretches we picked up from Neanderthals, a study finds.

Physicist Reacts To Discovery Of Gravitational Waves  |   

For Cal Tech scientist Yanbei Chen, the announcement of the discovery of gravitational waves wasn't a surprise. He first heard the news in September, but had to keep it secret for months.

How Can We Ensure Our Survival As A Species?  |   

Astronomer and cosmologist Lord Martin Rees asks whether our species will endure despite the many existential threats we face.

Citrus In The Snow: Geothermal Greenhouses Grow Local Produce In Winter  |   

Greenhouses could make local fruits and vegetables more available year-round, but they're energy intense. In the Midwest, some growers tap into the Earth's internal heat to warm the structures.

In Milestone, Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves As Black Holes Collide  |   

A U.S.-led team says it has seen waves in space-time from two black holes merging together. It is the first time humanity has directly detected such waves.