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Yahoo Plans To Spin Off Remaining Stake In Alibaba  |   

Yahoo has announced it will spin off its 15 percent stake in the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. Shareholders had been waiting for that decision. The move needs regulatory approval.

Officers Ask Map App To Remove Police-Tracking   |   

In the aftermath of the shooting death of two NYPD officers, law enforcement officials are asking the popular navigation app Waze to remove a feature that allows users to see officers' locations.

Tiger Skins And Rhino Horns: Can A Trade Deal Halt The Trafficking?  |   

A proposed U.S.-Asia trade pact calls for incorporating the issue wildlife trafficking. The goal is to slow the poaching of endangered animals such as elephants, tigers and rhinos.

Apple Sold 30,000 iPhones An Hour Last Quarter, Scored Record Profits  |   

The tech giant sold 74 million phones in three months.

Obama Administration Proposes Opening Up Atlantic To Drilling  |   

At the same time, a new Interior Department plan designated nearly 10 million acres in Alaska as off-limits to any future oil and gas leasing. Reaction has been mixed to the draft plan.