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A Closer Look At EU Parliament's Vote To Break Up Google   |   

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with GigaOM senior writer, David Meyer, about the European Union's complicated relationship with Google and efforts to break it up.

Despite Cold Weather And Protesters, Shoppers Seek Black Friday Sales  |   

Shoppers flocked to the malls on Thanksgiving, but the rush didn't impede Black Friday sales. Protesters are also trying to put a mark on this day, but their actions haven't taken a bite out of sales.

America's Black Friday Craziness Has Crossed The Pond   |   

The wild discount shopping that once was only a U.S. phenomenon has caught on in the U.K. and elsewhere, thanks largely to online retail giant Amazon.

Retailers First Used The Term Door-Buster Sales Decades Ago  |   

It may be surprising to learn that door-buster sales are not a recent phenomenon. Crowds turned out for deeply discounted items more than 100 years ago.

Shoppers Expected Out In Force On Black Friday  |   

It's the day hard-core shoppers have been waiting for: Black Friday. Some even got a head start at the mall, shopping on Thanksgiving Day.