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Are Democrats Trying To Energize The Base With The Race Card?  |   

Top Democrats have said recently that some GOP opposition to President Obama and his agenda is based on race. It's an explosive message that might drive Democratic voters to the polls.

Somalis In Kenya Are Used To Raids, But They Say This Was Different  |   

A police sweep after Friday prayers is the latest in a weeks-long crackdown against terrorism. The operations have pulled in thousands of refugees, immigrants and Kenyan citizens of Somali descent.

Leaflets Given To Donetsk Jews Made Waves Worldwide, But Not In Donetsk  |   

The story of fliers ordering Jews to register with the separatists stoked fears of anti-Semitism. But Jews in the Ukrainian town say the orders aren't real and were intended as political provocation.

Fake Morning-After Pills Found In Peru May Hint At Bigger Problem  |   

Researchers tested samples of emergency contraceptives from pharmacies across Peru's capital city. More than a quarter of the pills wouldn't have worked or contained the wrong drug.

A Journey Of Pain And Beauty: On Becoming Transgender In India  |   

Abhina Aher is a member of the country's storied, yet marginalized, transgender community. Last week, the India's highest court legally recognized the group as a new gender — neither male nor female.