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Obama On Climate Change: 'I Actually Think We're Going To Solve This Thing'  |   

In a press conference in Paris, Obama said that climate change is probably the hardest kind of problem for politicians to solve, yet despite the hurdles, he's optimistic.

As Big Food Feels Threat Of Climate Change, Companies Speak Up  |   

A warming climate is likely to disrupt global food production, which has Big Food companies worried. Some, like Mars, are becoming increasingly vocal advocates for action on greenhouse gas emissions.

Amid Criticism, Chicago Mayor Will Announce Police Accountability Task Force  |   

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been under criticism for his handling of police misconduct, especially in the wake of the shooting death of a black teenager.

From Pocket Lining To Jeans, A Niche Means Survival In LA Fashion  |   

The fashion industry in LA has been bleeding jobs for years. One bright spot has been high-end denim. Whereas $30 jeans are often made in China or Mexico, designer jeans are almost always made here.

Why Hasn't Rand Paul Inherited His Father's Success?  |   

Iowa provided a strong base of support for Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential race. But several factors have driven voters to candidates other than his son Rand.